Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

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This cream cheese fruit dip actually started out as an accident! But with only three ingredients, you can be happy to serve it to your family and guests, knowing exactly what is in it!

Many years ago, I ran across a very yummy fruit dip made from cream cheese and some other not so wholesome ingredients. It was really delicious and it made an impression on my taste buds! So, imagine my surprise when I was in my kitchen working on creating a substitute for cream cheese frosting or icing and I created this amazing dip (it actually can be used on cupcakes or cake too!) Don’t you just love a multi-purpose recipe? I do!

This recipe is perfect for when you have company. Just cut up some fruit into chunks and let the guests dip away! I love to eat this with sliced apples or pears.

This recipe is naturally grain-free and gluten-free too!

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