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Simple Living

11 Signs You Need to Simplify Your Life

January 25, 2023
11 Signs You Need to Simplify Your Life- picture of woman holding her head in her hands looking stressed.

In the world today, there is an emphasis placed on the importance of being busy all the time. Hustle culture is the norm and we are expected to work hard all the time. So many people are on the go from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to bed at night. But this fast-paced lifestyle isn’t working for many. It’s leading…

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10 Ways To Practice Hygge This Winter

January 16, 2023
10 Ways to Practice Hygge This Winter- Picture of a person holding a cup of cocoa snuggled up with a book wearing warm socks

Let me be honest with you. Winter has always been my least favorite time of the year. I absolutely LOVE the holidays. But once I’m into the new year, the darker, longer days and cold always leave me feeling “blah” and tired. Several years ago I learned about the Danish and Norwegian concepts of hygge. It has become more popular in recent years. But what is it, and…

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13 Ways to Simplify Your Thanksgiving

November 20, 2022
13 Ways to Simplify Your Thanksgiving Blog post- picture of a table covered with different Thanksgiving foods.

Thanksgiving is almost here. And if you are hosting Thanksgiving for family and friends, it can be a busy and stressful time. But there are things you can do to simplify your thanksgiving that can reduce stress and make it easier to focus on the reason for the day…being thankful for everything in your life! Here are 13 things you can do to simplify your Thanksgiving! Clean your…

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12 Things You Can Do To Declutter Your Phone

November 3, 2022
12 Things You Can Do to Declutter Your Phone Blog Post

Over the past few months, as I’ve made the commitment to do some serious decluttering in my home, the first thing that I started with was my phone. Believe it or not, digital clutter can cause stress just like physical clutter can. And taking the time to declutter your phone can not only simplify your life but can help to reduce stress as well! The reason I chose…

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5 Tips to Simplify Your Halloween

October 20, 2022
5 Tips to Simplify Your Halloween blog post with a picture of three carved Halloween pumpkins

It’s that time again! It is spooky season and Halloween is not far away. I’ll be honest that I get just as excited as most kids about picking out a good costume (or two) to wear for seasonal parties and to pass out candy on Halloween night. Of course, no one can forget what the night is all about for most kids…candy. And lots of it! But candy…

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What Does Simple Living Mean?

October 5, 2022
What Does Simple Living Mean? Blog post

When I started Simple Clean Living in 2011 it started as my journey to move away from highly processed food. I wanted to create more foods that were made with clean, healthy, whole food ingredients. It was also about choosing household cleaners and personal care products. I wanted products that didn’t contain all of the toxic chemicals that so many store-bought products contain. But I find that the…

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9 Ways to Rid Your Kitchen of Plastic

July 28, 2019

Plastic is everywhere. We’ve become so reliant on the use of plastics that it is easy to be unaware of just how much of it we use every day. Plastics are inexpensive and tend to hold up well. But, plastic is not the healthiest option for the objects we use regularly. Especially those connected to the kitchen. Have you ever stopped to think about how much plastic is…

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Natural Homemade Deodorant

May 22, 2019

Are you looking to avoid store-bought deodorants? This natural homemade deodorant recipe may help! A few years ago, I learned about the potential health risk of using a store-bought deodorant. Many people don’t know that many store-bought antiperspirants are considered drugs. Because of this, the FDA regulates them. This is due to the use of aluminum salt. Aluminum salt blocks the pores and prevents perspiration. This changes body…