Energy Sensitivity Quiz

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Taking my energy sensitivity quiz is the first step towards understanding more about who you are!

If you suspect that you may be an empath or highly sensitive person, this quiz can help you find out if that’s true for you.

Being an empath with a high level of energy sensitivity isn’t uncommon. Between 15-20% of the population is energy sensitive. And most are completely unaware of their own sensitivity. There are several labels that fall under the umbrella of energy sensitivity. Empaths, HSP (highly sensitive persons), lightworkers, psychics, energy workers, energy healers, highly-creative people, and even those who are “on the spectrum” may experience energy sensitivity.

Energy sensitivity isn’t a disorder and it’s not an illness. You aren’t crazy. But society can sometimes make it seem like you are because you’re different.

Physiologically, you have a nervous system that is far more sensitive than the other 80-85% of the population. It allows you to experience subtle energies that the majority of the world never gets to experience. It causes you to feel the energy of the world in a more powerful way. And chances are you have mirror neurons that are more active as well. This can cause you to experience the emotions of others as your own.

Once you understand more about who you are, you will be better equipped to function in the world in a healthier way!

The quiz below has been designed to help you recognize patterns of energy sensitivity

Energy Sensitivity Quiz

Give yourself one point for any of the below characteristics:

  1. Experience frequent fatigue
  2. Often experience anxiety or depression
  3. Can struggle with digestive problems
  4. Often sensitive to bright lights or loud noises
  5. Can be sensitive to sugar, caffeine, and alcohol
  6. Chemical sensitivities are common (medications, household cleaners, personal care products
  7. Having a cluttered or messy house can be draining
  8. Sensitive to the feel of scratchy or rough fabrics on skin
  9. Commonly overeat when stressed or overwhelmed
  10. Usually have a low tolerance to pain
  11. Prone to suffer from allergies or skin problems
  12. Often diagnosed with ADHD
  13. Sensitive to changes in blood sugar. May get “hangry”.
  14. May experience panic attacks or anxiety when overstimulated
  15. Often develop addictions in order to numb
  16. Typically require more sleep than average
  17. Physical manifestations of stress
  18. Often have aversions to getting shots
  19. High-intensity exercise depletes them
  20. Large crowds are overwhelming
  21. Do better living in less populated areas
  22. Overwhelmed easily in large cities
  23. Prefer one on one interaction or small, intimate gatherings
  24. Often have fear of becoming overwhelmed in relationships
  25. Often struggle when having to share living space with others
  26. Social isolation is common
  27. Tend to be people pleasers
  28. Often wear a mask to hide authentic self
  29. Overwhelmed by people who talk a lot
  30. Avoid violent or overly-dramatic television and media
  31. Watching the news is overwhelming
  32. Social media can be overwhelming
  33. Can feel the emotions of others as their own
  34. Labeled as “overly sensitive”, “too emotional” or “overly dramatic”
  35. Often told they need to “toughen up”
  36. Struggle with perfectionism
  37. Sensitive to criticism. Will try to avoid it at all costs
  38. Struggle with self-love
  39. Often have a belief that there is something wrong with them. “Not enough”
  40. Don’t like being rushed
  41. Can get overwhelmed when having to do last-minute tasks
  42. Many are night-owls or very early birds
  43. Feel better when out in nature
  44. Are highly-creative
  45. Feel the need to control things
  46. Tend to be introverted
  47. Gets overwhelmed easily
  48. Feel physically ill during arguments
  49. Often feel like they don’t fit in
  50. Need a lot of alone time
  51. Can struggle when multitasking
  52. Absorb other people’s emotional energy
  53. Easily overstimulated by too much information
  54. Tend to fidget a lot
  55. Often suffer from low self-esteem
  56. Tend to startle easily
  57. Often experience physical pain
  58. Are overthinkers
  59. Often seek to know more about the deep mysteries of life
  60. Change is stressful to them
  61. They tend to have a deep inner world
  62. They are often misunderstood
  63. Can have a difficult time being touched while sleeping (absorb the energy of others)
  64. Have problems setting boundaries
  65. Prone to daydream when overstimulated
  66. Usually deeply moved by music
  67. Typically more spiritually oriented
  68. Have a difficult time letting go of negative thoughts
  69. Often beat themselves up
  70. Have a strong fear of rejection, even in minor situations
  71. Takes things personally
  72. Often hides negative feelings from others
  73. Tend to overreact
  74. Often test as having high sensory processing sensitivity
  75. Feel like they are “too much” for others
  76. Love to spend time with animals
  77. Animals and young children are drawn to them
  78. May have psychic gifts such as clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance
  79. Strangers often tell them very personal things
  80. Often drawn to helping others
  81. Tend to put the needs of others before their own needs
  82. Can easily tell when someone isn’t being honest
  83. Often forgive others too quickly
  84. Tend to have difficulty relaxing
  85. A strong dislike of people who are mean or selfish
  86. May have trouble distinguishing between their emotions and the emotions of others
  87. Others often dump their emotions on them
  88. Typically have problems saying no
  89. Often experience synchronicities
  90. Can be too generous
  91. Often drawn to alternative modes of healing
  92. Can struggle with feeling confined by rules
  93. A lack of freedom can debilitate them
  94. Struggle to do things that don’t bring them joy
  95. Always seeking truth
  96. Often experience random mood swings
  97. Prefer to buy things new instead of second-hand
  98. Tend to be good listeners
  99. Can be unpredictable
  100. Can be needy at times
  101. They are curious and love learning
  102. May be drawn to learning about ancient cultures
  103. Love having the freedom to travel
  104. Are peacemakers
  105. May experience lucid and vivid dreams
  106. They are master manifesters
  107. Many have a spiritual awakening
  108. Often drawn to metaphysical things
  109. Guided by their heart and intuition more often than by logic
  110. Often just “know” things
  111. May have a difficult time accepting labels.

How to score this quiz…

This quiz is not meant to “diagnose”. But it can show you patterns of things that are common to energy sensitives that you may experience.

Energy sensitivity sits on a scale

Less than 25- You are likely someone on the upper end of the spectrum of those with a normal level of energy sensitivity.

Above 25– You are energy sensitive! If you’ve struggled because of some (or many) of the traits you have, then you are in the right place! I am going to help you understand what it is to be energy-sensitive. And I will teach you how to manage the energy within you and around you. This will help you to let go of the struggle so you can live a happier and healthier life!