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Desserts/Baked Goods

Frosted Christmas Cutout Cookies

November 10, 2022
Frosted Christmas Cutout Cookies blog post with picture of a plate of festive cookies

I am a big Christmas lover! I love it so much that I tell people I’m part elf. Once November hits, the Christmas music starts in my house and by mid-November, my halls are decked and full of holiday spirit. Of course, you can’t have holidays without special holiday foods! What are the holidays without cookies? Making a batch of these frosted cutout cookies is a perfect way…

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Grilled Peaches

May 22, 2019

In the summertime when the heat is high, no one wants to be in the kitchen cooking! Here in South Carolina when the temperatures are in the mid to upper 90’s I will not turn on my oven! I don’t even like to use the stovetop if I don’t have to! It just heats up my little house too quickly! So if you’re in need of a great…

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Banana Bread Muffins

November 30, 2017
A picture of two muffins on a plate with the blog post title "Banana Bread Muffins, gluten free, grain free, sugar free"

I love my mother’s banana bread recipe. Every time I eat that bread, it just brings me right back to my childhood! I don’t get it very often. But it is still a staple for my family at holiday celebrations. But I will admit that now that I’m single, I don’t necessarily like to make a whole loaf anymore. It’s just WAAAAYYY too much for just me. And…

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Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 13, 2014

So I have had a little bit of a craving for chocolate chip cookies lately. Part of it is smelling great cookies baking in the oven, some of it is eating the cookies. But I do have my own series of litmus tests that any cookie recipe must go through before it is accepted in my house. This one definitely passed….and it is definitely far better than the…

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Hawaiian Banana Bread

September 5, 2014

This banana bread is an absolute family favorite. It is so loved by my family that not only did my Mom fix it to go with great fall and winter weeknight meals, but it was a must-have for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter as well. It has been a part of my life since I was able to eat solid food. Of course, it has been cleaned…

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Crustless No Bake Cheesecakes

July 13, 2014

Summertime is a great time for nice, cooling desserts. But traditional cheesecake forces you to have to turn on the oven and heat up your kitchen and your house! The great news is that you can make an easy crustless no-bake cheesecake using gelatin, that is quick and simple to make, but won’t heat up your kitchen. ¬†And you don’t have to worry about store-bought no-bake cheesecake mixes…