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Sharing Space With a Partner When You’re Energy Sensitive

May 27, 2019
Sharing Space With A Partner When You're Energy Sensitive- picture of a couple in bed

Sharing space in your home with one or more people can have challenging moments for anyone. But having a roommate, partner, children, or spouse under the same roof can put an even greater strain on someone who is energy sensitive. When you don’t understand your energy sensitivity and your specific energetic needs it is easy to become energy depleted quickly. But you can avoid that easily. And you…


9 Reasons Why All Women Need a Tribe

May 26, 2019
9 Reasons Why All Women Need a Tribe Blog Post- Picture of a group of women standing, talking and smiling

You’ve most likely heard the quote “It takes a village to raise a child”. But I think there is a quote that is equally true….” It takes a village to nurture a woman”.  Women have a long history of gathering to support one another and work together. In ancient tribes as well as some tribes in far-off countries now, while the men are away hunting for food, women…

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When Rejection is an Act of Love

April 4, 2016

This post came as a result of my divorce a few years ago, and how my own mindset shifted in response. People expect others to react in certain ways after experiencing something like a breakup. But in reality, we need to respond according to how we really feel. Rejection doesn’t have to be the end of the world….and in fact, can actually be life-changing in positive ways. It’s…

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Are You a Victim of Screen Sucking?

March 4, 2014
Are You a Victim of Screen-Sucking blog post- A picture of a person using a laptop and smartphone

Have you ever experienced this? You sit down at the computer to quickly check your e-mail or Facebook and the next thing you know hours have passed. And you simply have no idea where that time went. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you are a victim of screen-sucking. The term “screen sucking” was coined by Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of the book “CrazyBusy: Overworked, Overbooked and About…