Stuffed Green Peppers

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This recipe for stuffed green peppers is one of those great comfort food classic meals that are absolutely perfect for a weeknight meal. The recipe is super easy to create and so yummy. Each stuffed green pepper half is hearty and will keep you filled up for quite a while. I love making these during the cooler months when turning on the oven will not overheat my house.

We also have a version of these stuffed peppers with the directions to cook them in the slow cooker, not the oven!  These are just a little different, so be sure to read that recipe if you wish to make it!

When making this recipe, there is only one brand of rice that I use and that I would ever recommend. The Lungberg company out of California. This is due to problems with imported rice containing unhealthy levels of heavy metals.  The rice from the Lundberg company has been tested for heavy metals and has shown virtually no heavy metal contamination!

This recipe is also gluten-free.

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