Mexican Corn and Bean Casserole (Recipes for Two)

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I am always on the hunt for interesting side dishes. Especially side dishes that I can pair with recipes like my salsa chicken.  But that recipe can be a little more challenging to pair with a nice side dish. So I experimented with a few different side dishes. Most didn’t work well. But I did create this little Mexican Corn and Bean Casserole that did! It has easy preparation. And it can cook right alongside the salsa chicken. It helps to complete the meal and makes for a really tasty dinner.

I have also tried this as a topper for tacos and it was super yummy! It was better than salsa, in my opinion. And it added something completely different that I really loved. I would bet that it is probably a good dip for tortilla chips as well! If possible, use organic corn in this recipe.

It is naturally gluten-free for those who need to avoid eating gluten. I did opt to use red bell pepper because the green peppers do a number on my tummy. But you can choose the kind of bell pepper that works for you.

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