Small Businesses That I Love!

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I love to support small businesses…especially those that are in my area. I spend a lot of time at local farmer’s markets and have found so many wonderful products from local farmers and creators. I also spend time at health food stores and online and I love connecting with small brands that are creating healthy, clean products! And those that really stand out to me I’m linking to here! Please check out their websites and social media for more information. I’m not an affiliate for many of the companies on this page. I just want to show these companies some love and support! Those I am affiliated with I have connected with for a reason! I am SUPER picky about the companies I talk about. And any company I affiliate with is usually a company that I’ve personally been purchasing from for a long time! So I use their products, love them, and want to share them with you!

S & K Tea and Coffee

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company