Simple Home Fries

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Do you ever make home fries? This simple side dish is great with any meal!

Potatoes are always a nice option for a side dish when you are fixing dinner. But it’s nice to have options other than mashed or baked potatoes, don’t you agree?

I am all about simple. And some days when I need a quick and easy side dish, these home fries are absolutely perfect. It only takes about 5 minutes of prep to get this going and then you just let it cook in the skillet while you do other things, which is really convenient.

Sometimes I will add some additional seasonings, such as rosemary or dill, just to give it a little bit different flavor.

For this meal, I paired it with a bun-less cheeseburger for a great grain-free meal that was really yummy! Right up there with french fries in my book, but without any unwanted chemical additives.

Using only a few ingredients, these home fries are naturally gluten and grain-free. They are perfect with breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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