Greek Chicken Packet Meal (Recipes for One)

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This summer has been a busy one for me, and yet I want to make sure that I’m eating real, whole foods and not relying on fast or convenience foods. So grilling out packet meals like this Greek chicken packet meal has become my “go-to” meal idea for the summer. And I love how easy it is to throw this together and grill it up. I don’t have to worry about heating up my kitchen! And in a summer that has been full of triple-digit temperatures here in South Carolina, that is a big bonus in my book!

This recipe was created because I was looking to change up my regular chicken and veggies packet meal. A girl likes some variety, right? I certainly don’t want bored tastebuds!!

I just recently bought some organic Kalamata olives and decided to add them to the chicken and veggies. When it was done cooking, I added some fresh feta cheese. I did not include any salt in this recipe. I found that with the olives and the cheese it was plenty salty. But please, salt according to your tastebuds!!

I really don’t use any measurements with the vegetables. I eyeball how much I will eat and know my appetite enough that I’m usually right on target. Although this recipe is for one person, it is super simple to multiply it for any size family!

This recipe is both gluten-free and grain-free!

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