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10 Signs You are Energy Sensitive

September 19, 2021
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Did you know that you may be energy sensitive and not know it? Too few people acknowledge the power of energy in our lives. We are all energetic beings. Every cell of our bodies buzzes with energy. In fact, everything here on Earth is energy. Every single atom is alive with energy. And this is true whether something is solid or not. It’s all energy.

Therefore, it would make sense that we can be impacted by the energy around us. But some are far more sensitive than others, and it may be impacting their health and even quality of life as a result.

Here in the US though, little focus is ever put on how energy can impact our minds and our bodies. In fact, many find the subject of energy sensitivity to be a little too “woo woo” for them.

But the energy around us does have an impact, whether we choose to believe it or not. Have you ever heard the phrase “You could cut the tension with a knife”? Most people have felt that at one time or another. That is a sign of energy sensitivity.

As many as 20% of all people are highly sensitive to energy.

Being sensitive to energy has definitely impacted my life in big ways. And I was completely unaware of my own empath ways until about 10 years ago. I’m still learning how to better manage energy better and not hold onto energy that doesn’t belong to me. I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks about that soon!

So how can you tell if you are an energy-sensitive empath? Here are 10 signs.

You feel the emotions of others

The top sign that you are an empath is that you strongly feel the emotions of other people. And this is not just about sympathizing with them…you actually take the energy of those emotions into your body as if they are your emotions.  You are essentially an energetic sponge, and yet most people are unaware of when they are taking this energy in.

The need for alone time

Even if you are an extrovert, you still require a lot of alone time. In fact, empaths will get downright grumpy or sick if they don’t have a chance to compress from the energy around them.

You are a creative soul

Most highly creative people are actually sensitive to energy. Performing artists use the energy they feel to fuel performances. As a performer myself, I can always feel if the energy of an audience is good, or if it’s flat. And I’m not the only one! Most energy sensitives have very vivid imaginations!

Prone to addiction

Many empaths use addiction to numb the energy that they feel. Drinking, drugs, smoking, overeating, sexual addiction, porn addiction, shopping too much, addiction to social media…there are plenty of ways to use things outside of one’s self to attempt to numb from the overwhelm of so many emotions that aren’t even yours. Learning how to better manage the energy can help to reduce the need for that type of comfort.

Depression and anxiety

Struggling with depression and anxiety. This is very common for energy-sensitive empaths. But what most don’t understand is that the heavy emotions they are carrying don’t often even belong to them! I will be showing you more about how to let go of the energy that you are carrying from others. That will help to lift your mood, quite a bit!

You just know things

People always thought that I was a little woo-woo at times because I could look at someone and suddenly just know something about them that they had never shared with others. It used to drive my ex nuts! People have asked me how I know things and all I can say is “I just know…but I don’t know how I know.” It’s all about reading energy. When you are super sensitive like I am, strong energy will come through. And the more emotion someone else has about something, the more likely it will be that someone who is super sensitive to energy will pick up on it. Thoughts and emotions are all energy!

Feeling fatigued regularly

Do you feel fatigued a lot, even though you get enough sleep? It may be because you are absorbing lots of energy and not aware of it. If you are around a lot of negative people and watch a lot of news or negative things on television or social media, it will drain your energy!

Get easily distracted or bored

This one is SO true for me! I am well aware that I will never be the type of person who would work well in a cubicle doing very repetitive work. Nope! I would rather have a root canal without anesthesia! Seriously though, many who are energy sensitive need creative and intellectual stimulation. I’ve found it interesting that many of my empath friends have been losing interest in watching television altogether because it numbs the brain more than it stimulates it.

Have digestive or back issues

The stress of carrying so much extra emotional energy will always take a toll if not managed well. Many energy-sensitive souls struggle with digestive issues (myself included). Stress will impact the digestive tract. Back issues are also common. When you are holding onto so much stress in your body, that is the place we tend to hold it the most.

Don’t like watching negative or violent programs

Does the news bother you? Do you find that you have trouble watching violent or intense television programs or movies? I certainly do! I can’t even go into a haunted house because I absorb so much yucky energy from others going through the haunted house! So I always avoid these things because they just make me feel so much worse! I would much rather watch things that inspire me and that are much lighter!

These are only a few of the signs of energy sensitivity. Do you recognize any of them in yourself?

Being an empath can be challenging. But you can find ways to better manage the energy that surrounds you so that you don’t have to take it all on. I’m going to be sharing a lot more of the things I’ve discovered that have worked well for me. Being an empath is a gift, not a curse. We were designed this way to help others…not to live in isolation and suffering! I will help you better manage things so that you can live your best life ever!

Be sure you take my energy sensitivity quiz to see if you are energy-sensitive!

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