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Improve Your Thoughts to Improve Your Health from

Improve Your Thoughts to Improve Your Health

One thing that you will never expect to hear from your doctor for treatment of any disease is that you should improve your thoughts to improve your health. In fact, most doctors would probably think that an idea as simple as that is ridiculous. But there is a very strong connection between the thoughts you […]

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Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole from

Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole

When it comes to finding meals that are easy to fix and that work well for families who are active, casseroles really fit the bill nicely. This recipe is a cleaned up version of a recipe that I’ve had in my recipe box for a long time and that I really like a lot. I […]

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Easy No Bake Ball Cookies from

Easy No Bake Ball Cookies

When it comes to making recipes, the easier it is, the better it is for me! And these easy no bake ball cookies are not only easy, but really tasty as well! When you make a batch of these, they will not last long! I really made these because I was wanting a little something […]

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Spinach Sausage Pasta from

Spinach Sausage Pasta

This spinach sausage pasta was a dish that ended up being a happy surprise. I love purchasing my meat from local farmers who raise beef, turkey, chicken and pork naturally. Recently I purchased some chicken Italian sausage but was looking for a creative way to use it. I really just threw a few things together and […]

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There is more to life than increasing it's speed from

There is More to Life Than Increasing It’s Speed

I love this quote because it’s so true. In today’s world, we are busier than ever. We have ways to communicate with one another that people 100 years ago could never even imagine. We work more to be able to afford more “stuff”. We long to be happy, but most of us are just busy […]

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Taco Dip from

Taco Dip

So, it’s football season and I have had a few people ask about some great snack foods that are perfect for any tailgating parties. So the first recipe I created was a taco dip that can be used with veggies or homemade baked tortilla chips. It is rich and creamy and healthy too! If you […]

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Greek Salad from

Greek Salad

My favorite salad in the world is a Greek salad. During the summer months when fresh tomatoes, greens and peppers are available, it is absolutely incredible. You simply can’t beat garden fresh veggies!  Use as many or as few vegetables as possible. You can also follow this idea with the cheese, seasonings and vinaigrette. It’s […]

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Happiness quote from

You Are In Control of Your Happiness

There is a false belief that many people hold that happiness comes from outside of them. They believe that if they find the right relationship, then that person will make them happy, if they find the right job, then they will be happy. If they lose weight, win the lottery, get a degree, buy their […]

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Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef from

Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef-Freezer Meal

So I’m still continuing my quest to create good, simple slow cooker meals and this week I wanted to do an Asian flavored dish….especially since so many Asian restaurants favor using MSG in their food. I love the flavors of the onion, garlic and ginger in this dish and it is perfect served over rice! […]

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