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Why it’s Important for Singles to Eat Real Food

December 2, 2014
Why It's Important for Singles to eat Real Food blog post

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In recent days, while talking to my single and single again friends as well as my Dad, I have heard over and over again that they don’t want to cook real food because it’s only them that they would be cooking for. Since they are on their own, they don’t feel that it is important to cook for themselves. I even had an older “single again” woman approach me in a grocery store touting how tasty and healthy certain brands of frozen dinners are (when in reality, they are really not). She actually said that she relied on frozen dinners because she had cooked for 20 years. But now she was on her own and didn’t want to do that anymore.

Just like busy moms, many singles are looking for food that is quick and easy. And so they rely on frozen dinners, restaurants, fast food, and a host of convenience foods instead of cooking whole, real foods. Unfortunately, many are completely unaware of the host of nasty ingredients in these foods. All of the chemical additives, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients consumed in the name of convenience end up contributing to chronic illness.

This video changed everything for me

Here is a great video from Robyn O’Brien who is a food activist. It was one of her videos that set me on the path to changing how I eat and ultimately started me blogging. Although she is talking about food from a perspective of a Mom, these issues are plaguing adults as well. My Mom died from cancer which my family believes is a direct result of eating chemical-filled packaged, processed, and fast food. And there is no reason why more than 40% of the people in this country should end up with cancer.

Changing your diet to real, whole, organically grown foods can help to reverse the damage that is being done by these toxin ingredients.

A mindset shift is needed for singles

Cooking real food doesn’t have to take a long time 

It is not hard at all to find healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. And recipes that don’t contain toxic chemical additives.

You can still eat out…just not every meal! 

It is important that they eat the majority of food from scratch, not rely on takeout! Most healthy, clean eaters attempt to eat 80-95% of their diet as whole food. One great thing is that more restaurants are offering healthier options that can fit into a whole food diet.

You deserve to eat healthy, real food!

I hear so many singles say that it is silly or stupid to cook when there is only one person. But that mindset needs to go away! Every single deserves to eat foods that nourish the body. I have been cooking for one for a while and it’s not difficult at all. And it’s one of the reasons why I include healthy recipes that serve 1-2! It’s how I eat now more than 90% of the time.

Your health is more important than convenience 

When you eat a lot of highly processed, and fast food the risk of serious, chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and more increases. Your body needs the nutrients in whole foods in order to thrive! It’s far scarier to face a chronic illness while you are all by yourself.

Get educated about what is in the food you eat

I am shocked at how many still believe that a restaurant salad or items like canned soup are actually healthy! It is time to start looking at ingredient labels and learning what different ingredients actually are. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, you should think about whether or not you should be eating it!

I’m not going to lie…eating a whole food diet will take some extra planning. But your body and health are truly worth it! Keep watching for more great real food recipes for one. I will also share tips and tricks that can help you make adopting a real food way of eating easier!

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