Turkey Apple and Cranberry Stuffed Pumpkins

A picture of a baked stuffed pumpkin with the blog post title "Turkey, Apple and Cranberry Stuffed Pumpkin"

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Have you ever thought to try stuffed pumpkins with savory filling for a meal? You should!

I will admit that growing up and even as an adult I didn’t really eat a lot of pumpkin. In fact, the only time that pumpkin was even served was on Thanksgiving Day…and that was a pumpkin pie. We didn’t really eat a lot of winter squash in general. I didn’t even eat acorn or butternut squash for the first time until a few years ago.

But In the past few years, I have been all about trying new things. Going to new places, eating new foods, experiencing things I’ve never experienced before. And so I’m discovering all kinds of new ways to use pumpkin…and finding an appreciation for it!

Of course, this time of year pumpkins are plentiful. And when it’s pumpkin season, they are relatively inexpensive as well. While this recipe serves two, you could definitely double it or even triple it and use it for a fall dinner party. Your guests would be very impressed with the meal! It’s always good when your dinner looks as amazing as it tastes!

This stuffed pumpkin recipe isn’t difficult to make and it looks pretty cute too! You could also use this filling in roasted acorn squash and it would taste absolutely AMAZING! In fact, I am probably going to do that next.

I love the combination of the sweet and savory. It tastes so good.

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