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The Energy of Food

January 17, 2022
The Energy of Food- A cutting board with a knife, greens, herbs and vegetables

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Did you know that there is energy in food? It has an energy that is unique according to what food you are consuming. And it may be impacting you more than you know! We all know that some foods are healthier for our bodies and some that aren’t. We’ve been taught for years that we should avoid consuming too much junk food. They just aren’t so great for our bodies. And we have also been taught that we should consume more fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. They are good for us. But food is energy and through eating it, it passes that energy onto us. And every food has its own energy level.

As someone who is energy sensitive, this idea was even more important for me. Food holds energy and eating too many of the wrong foods can lead to energy depletion and sickness. We are all energetic beings and are influenced by the vibrations of the people and the world around us. Therefore every person can be impacted negatively by low-energy foods and get improve with the help of higher-energy foods.

So what are the best high-energy foods to consume?

Which foods are energetically higher? Whole, fresh foods are best! This includes fresh produce (organic is best), grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, eggs from free-range chickens, hormone and antibiotic-free dairy, organic grains, legumes, and high-quality fats. When it comes to protecting energy levels, organic is always best. Organic foods are free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides which could impact energy levels.

These foods are beneficial because they are found in their most natural state. Fresh produce gets plenty of sunshine and absorbs nutrients from the soil in which it was grown. The meats were all raised humanely without drugs and hormones. Because of this, these foods have a higher energetic footprint and are more beneficial.

What you should limit or avoid?

It should come as no surprise that junk food is definitely on this list. But the list is even more expansive than just candy and chips!

Industrially processed foods are typically stripped of most of their nutrient goodness. In fact, many companies often add synthetic vitamins and minerals to boost nutrition levels. Unfortunately, these synthetic vitamins are not processed and used by the body the same way that nature-created nutrients are.

And to make matters worse, often these same foods are full of synthetic additives…preservatives, artificial flavors and colorings, and more that can, in fact, deplete energy levels. Empaths and highly sensitive people are usually sensitive to chemicals. Foods that contain them drain energy and should be eaten rarely or avoided when possible.

Fast foods, sit-down restaurant foods, and convenience foods from places like your local grocery store deli are energy drainers. These foods are usually loaded with additives and preservatives that can be harmful to your energy.

If you are currently relying on a lot of packaged and processed foods, it is important that you consider beginning to add in more whole foods. It does not have to be a daunting process. Making changes a little bit at a time can make it much easier for you….and your family.

The great meat debate

Many other experts will encourage you to give up meat completely and move to a completely raw, vegan lifestyle. I’m not one of those people obviously.

Here’s why I don’t do that and recommend organic, pasture-raised (and local when possible). I know what works well for me and my body. I’m regularly in touch with my own inner guidance…and that leads me to make food choices that are right for my body. Because of this, I believe that there isn’t one “right” way to eat for everybody. And some people may find that they feel better by including meat in their diet. I can’t make that choice for you….that is between you and your own inner guidance! As you start listening to your intuition, it will guide you to foods that feel better energetically for you. And you may find that you start leaving other foods behind.

An Individual choice

Here’s the truth. What you eat has an impact on your body. But the foods that affect one person negatively may actually help another person thrive. The key is in listening to your body.

The body gives you signals all the time. Have you ever experienced eating a meal and getting sleepy directly after you were finished eating? That behavior isn’t normal. It is the body’s way to let you know that something you ate is depleting your energy. Listen to your body! It will tell you the truth. Then look at what you ate during that meal. Start paying attention to how you feel an hour or two after a meal. And if you aren’t feeling your best, take a look at what you ate. You will begin to see a pattern. It will help you select foods that help boost your energy.

What you eat is your choice!

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