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Clearing Emotional Energy

December 28, 2021
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As an energy-sensitive person, it is vitally important to be able to begin clearing emotional energy, particularly when much of that energy isn’t even yours. Empaths soak up the emotional energy of others like a sponge. As a result, without the ability to clear that energy, you can wind up feeling exhausted all the time. After a while, that chronic fatigue can even become a chronic illness.

The good news is that it is very simple to clear energy. The bad news is that many of us make it WAY much more difficult than it needs to be! Awareness is the key to allowing energy to flow. Tony Robbins has said that “Where focus goes, energy flows”. And that really is true.

But when it comes to emotional energy, most people spend more time attempting to stuff it down so they don’t have to feel it. This is primarily because negative emotional energy is uncomfortable. We don’t like to feel it because it feels downright crappy!

For empaths, this discomfort is magnified. We feel those negative emotions even more strongly than 85% of the population. It is painful…sometimes physically. So it can be very easy to want to find ways to numb those emotions or dissociate from them. I certainly was guilty of doing that for a very long time in my own life. I attempted to either stuff down uncomfortable emotions with lots of food. Or I found ways to disconnect or distract myself from them.

But that only works for a very short amount of time. There is a saying that says “what you resist persists”. If you resist processing those emotions, they just become stuck energy in the body. You’ll continue to wallow in that energy. And that can lead to problems such as depression and anxiety. It can also manifest as physical symptoms and chronic illness.

The positive thinking movement is very big right now. But many now use that movement as an excuse to not process their emotional energy. I am a big proponent of positive thinking. But I know that it doesn’t work well if there is unmanaged, trapped energy in your body. So the best way to live your most positive life is to be willing to do the work and get that negative energy flowing right out of you!

Processing emotional energy

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of human beings on the planet are pretty terrible at processing emotional energy. But for the empaths, learning how to do this can completely transform your life…for the better!

The key is allowing yourself to be present with the emotions when they come up. And as you know, you can be hit with emotional energy that isn’t yours at any time. You can be having an amazing day and get “energy bombed” from someone you don’t even know, causing your good mood to deflate. How do you dissolve the energy when bad feelings arise?

Clearing emotional energy that isn’t yours
  1. Find a few minutes where you can sit quietly with no distractions. This process really doesn’t have to take very long!
  2. Close your eyes and focus on what you’re feeling.
  3. Ask your inner guidance to allow the energy to release if it does not belong to you. Release it with love.
  4. Take a deep breath and exhale fully, allowing any tension to release from your shoulders.

The majority of emotional energy that you experience is NOT yours. This simple exercise will release 85-90% of that emotional energy.

What if you’re still feeling the emotion?

Most likely it is energy that belongs to you. It may have been trapped in your body and looking for a way out for days, years, or even decades. But releasing this emotional energy is easy!

  1. Continue sitting quietly with no distractions.
  2. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the emotion without judgment. Just sit and observe it. Don’t try to change it or force it to go away. If you feel like crying…let it out!
  3. Just allowing yourself to focus on that energy will allow it to begin moving and within 60- 90 seconds you will feel that emotion dissolve. When it does, you’ve released that energy!

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as an empath is to stop fearing your challenging emotions. They do not have to be so overwhelming, even though it can feel like they will swallow you up! I regularly do clearing like this during my meditation time each day. When I do the clearing I ask for any energy that needs to be released to come forward. I honor it and allow it to dissolve. Often I find myself yawning more as I’m releasing that energy.

Remember as you begin to practice clearing emotional energy that you may have decades worth of energy that you’ve been holding “stuck” in your body. It’s not really stuck, you just haven’t allowed it to flow. It may take some time of practicing this regularly to release most of that stuck energy, so be patient with yourself!

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