Introvert or Extrovert?

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Introvert or extrovert? There are a lot of misconceptions about what it is to be introverted, and for the introverts out there, I’m here to set the record straight. It’s not bad being an introvert or an extrovert…we just navigate the world differently! No matter which one you are, we can all live amazing lives! 

I am an extrovert because I am pretty outgoing when I’m around others. But that wasn’t always the case! There was a time when actually an introvert. Of course, I feel that many people acquaint being an introvert with being shy, and I was definitely not shy!! Anyone who knows me can confirm that!

The difference between introverts and extroverts is how we recharge our batteries. When extroverts are feeling energetically low, they get a boost by going and being around other people, socializing and being exposed to external stimulation.  That is how they recharge their batteries.  But introverts who have been around other people and have taken in external stimulation recharge by going within and having alone time in which they can re-energize.

Here are a few other characteristics of extroverts:

  1. Don’t like to spend too much time alone. Too much alone time can actually make an extrovert feel depressed and anxious.
  2. Being around other people is energizing.
  3. Extroverts aren’t fond of extended periods of silence, so they will often fill it with chatter.
  4. Most extroverts have an extensive circle of friends so that there is always someone they can spend time with to recharge.
  5. They are uncomfortable just sitting around and doing nothing.
  6. Extroverts typically enjoy working in groups.
  7. Most extroverts enjoy being the center of attention..
  8. Many extroverts like being in charge.
  9. Extroverts are looked upon as being friendly and approachable.
  10. They are often calling and texting people.

And some characteristics of introverts:

  1. Introverts don’t like small talk. No….they REALLY don’t like small talk!  Nothing drains the energy faster! They would much rather have a deep, meaningful conversation that is relevant to them than to make superficial chit chat.
  2. They often feel alone in a crowd. It is not unusual for introverts to feel alone….even when they are with a group of people that they know.
  3. They’re often writers. Many introverts, express themselves much more easily through writing than through spoken word…even though many can talk your ear off too, especially when talking about things that they are passionate about.
  4. There is an inner dialogue that is always going in their brain. Yep….it’s always going. ALWAYS!
  5. They both love and hate their phone. It is not uncommon for an introvert to screen calls…even from family and friends. They do the same thing with texts too. If they are in their quiet, alone time place, then they may not answer or may not text back right away. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you….it just means that they are recharging and simply don’t have the energy to communicate right now. Don’t worry though…they will call or text you back as soon as their batteries are fresh!
  6. Crowds are stressful. Being in a large crowd for hours really wipes out an introvert’s energy. And do you know how to spot the introverts in a crowd? They are typically around the perimeter watching the action, not taking part in it!
  7. Introverts notice details that others don’t. They are definitely observers by nature. That is why, when an introvert goes to a social event, like a party, typically they will stand off to the side observing others.
  8. They start to shut down after they’ve been active too long.  Staying past that point is uncomfortable, and all an introvert can think about is getting to somewhere where they can be alone. They also tend to get much moodier once they’ve passed the introvert threshold.
  9. Giving a talk in front of hundreds of people is much less stressful than having to mingle with them afterwards. This goes back to the hatred of small talk. And it has nothing to do with hating people….they would just much rather spend time having meaningful conversation with others, than more superficial chatter.
  10. They are very protective of their personal space. They are very uncomfortable when others infringe on that space and can get downright grumpy when others invite themselves over when they are in the midst of our alone time. or when they overstay their welcome.

Although there are many introverts who are shy, many others, are not. Introverts and extroverts can complement each other. But it is important to understand the differences so that we can respect one another and have a better understanding of what others need.  It is also vital to understand who you are so that you can communicate your needs to those around you and help them to understand you better as well.

There is one condition that can actually contribute to introversion. Pyroluria and the resulting zinc and B6 deficiency can actually aggravate the characteristics of introversion. This was very true for me. While I dealt with the stressful times in my life, my zinc and B6 levels would be much lower. During these times, it was not uncommon for me to isolate from everyone. I became a hermit because social interaction was very draining. Once I started a Pyroluria protocol and my zinc and B6 levels began to normalize, I began to become much more extroverted. This is a very common issue with those who have Pyroluria.

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