Parmesan Crusted Baked Pork Chops (Recipes for Two)

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Am I the only one who has struggled in the past with trying to figure out exactly what to do with pork chops? Sometimes it’s hard to make them flavorful and keep them juicy? The struggle is real, and so for a long time, I avoided making pork chop recipes because they always ended up turning out horribly. But I was determined to move past my pork problems and find a recipe that works.

I was really excited to find a great special on boneless, center-cut pork chops at my local butcher shop. The biggest problem for me, however, has always been trying to find recipes where I can use pork chops, without them ending up dry and tasteless! Yuck! Nothing like feeling like you are eating shoe leather!

No more Shake and Bake!

So I was thinking about the old days when so many people used to use Shake and Bake to coat pork chops. But buying that coating from the store was not an option. I really wanted to know what I am putting in my body. And I really wanted to make a grain-free version. This is because my tummy and gluten are not exactly on speaking terms right now.

This recipe is really simple to make….but it is so yummy! And the brilliant thing is that these pork chops don’t get to dry or tough either. It truly is going to be one of my favorite ways to cook pork chops! I love to pair this with some roasted potatoes and a fresh salad! Yum to the max!!

Of course, this recipe is both gluten and grain-free for those that have to avoid those things for health reasons!

Do you have a favorite way to cook pork chops that is tasty and keeps them juicy too? I’d love to hear all about it!

Parmesan Crusted Baked Pork Chops from #grainfree #glutenfree

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