Homemade Multi Purpose Cleaner

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One thing that is important to me is to avoid store bought cleaning products. I am not a big fan of the toxic chemicals they contain, and I have some chemical sensitivities that make me react to most store bought cleaners. I wind up with horrible headaches when around some cleaners and others make me sneeze like crazy! Even some of the “natural” household cleaners are not as natural as they claim to be and contain ingredients that I know aren’t good for my body to be exposed to! And when it comes to living a luscious life, I want to do what is good for my body, and so I avoid those cleaners that aren’t! I certainly don’t want to expose anyone that come to my house to any toxins either!

So I have been making my own household cleaners for awhile. I have only a few ingredients that I use regularly in my cleaning products:

  • Castile soap
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils
  • Mr Clean Magic Erasers
  • Elbow grease….and plenty of that, of course!

I absolutely LOVE this recipe. It is so simple, and yet so effective. I use it all over my house on everything from counters to mirrors, sinks and more. The combination of the vinegar and the essential oils really work to disinfect and leave your house with a nice, natural scent.

Choose your favorite essential oil scent to make this cleaner uniquely yours! If you don’t want to use scent…that’s fine too! There is plenty of cleaning power in the vinegar and that vinegar smell will disappear once the vinegar dries!

What are your favorite natural ways to clean your home? I would love to hear more from you, so please share in the comments below!

Photo credit: © Jason Smith | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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