Essential Oil Vapor Rub

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It is cold and flu season again! And so it’s time to start making DIY remedies that can help you to get through a cold or flu more quickly. I pretty much always opt to skip store-bought cold and flu products. And I make what I need. When you make things at home, there are far fewer ingredients used and you can easily avoid the factory-made chemicals and use natural ingredients instead. That is why I make this essential oil vapor rub at the start of the cold and flu season.

This vapor rub is far better for the body because it allows you to avoid a buildup of disease-causing chemicals. ┬áThis recipe uses three different essential oils…all of which help to ease coughs and congestion.

This combination is for use on children over 10 years of age through adult. For children age 2-10, you must substitute Pine, Spruce, Fir or Cypress (although you should avoid Ponderosa or Huron Pine).

Essential Oil Vapor Rub from #naturalhealth

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