Energy Sensitivity Herbs and Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils Good for Empaths?

December 28, 2021
Are Essential Oils Good For Empaths- essential oil bottles and herbs scattered on a table

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I’ve been writing in the natural health world for a decade. When I first started, using essential oils wasn’t as big as it is today. Essential oils have since become very popular. Even large companies have been using them in their products. They are now commonly used in many different naturally based personal care products and household cleaners.

Of course, if you follow other natural bloggers, it’s not uncommon to find plenty of recipes for DIY personal care products, household cleaners, and even food recipes that call for essential oils. And plenty of companies sell them.

Being mindful of our energy

Now let me just say that this post isn’t about listing the benefits that essential oils provide. I will also not tell you to use them or avoid them. It’s about educating you about how they may impact your energy so you can make informed decisions. As empaths, our bodies are just different. Because of that, we need to be more mindful of the products we expose ourselves to…natural or not!

Being an empath means that your nervous system is highly sensitive. Empaths experience things much more strongly than the majority of the population. Of course, we experience emotional energy differently. But many empaths also experience reactions to chemicals, sound, lights, food, fabrics, weather, and EMFs. We are just sensitive all the way around! That being said, no two empaths experience the same level of sensitivity. And what one empath reacts to, another may not.

Many plants are extremely beneficial to health! I personally use both culinary and medicinal herbs regularly. And I recommend them to empaths because they tend to be more gentle than man-made medications. But when it comes to essential oils I do caution empaths. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. They are collected by being pressed or distilled from large amounts of a plant.

But even though medicinal plants are often beneficial for empaths, many sensitive individuals may find that essential oils are too overwhelming and they may react negatively to them. This is particularly true if the oils are being used frequently. Everything is energy and the energy of essential oils is highly concentrated. So the oils may have an impact on your energy and you need to be aware!

Do all empaths react negatively to essential oils?

This is a very personal thing. As empaths, we all have very different levels of sensitivity to the energy of different things. One empath may regularly use different essential oils and have no reaction and may even thrive. This is a sign that the energy of the oils works well for that individual. Another may use one and have a negative physical, or emotional reaction to the oil. Yet another person may be fine using certain oils but have problems with other oils.

We aren’t often in the habit of listening to our energetic bodies to feel how we react to certain things. But the key is to pay attention to your body and how you feel both physically and emotionally when using different oils regularly.

Warning signs

It is important to listen to your body. It is constantly sending you signals when things are energetically out of balance for you. If the vibrational frequency of oil isn’t right for you, your body WILL let you know. These warning signs may be subtle, but they will be there. Physical signs include allergic reactions, headache, dizziness, congestion, nausea, rashes, and fatigue. Emotionally you may feel mildly depressed or anxious. Listen to your body and the energetic patterns that are happening for clues to how your body is reacting to certain oils. If you are unsure, you can use muscle testing to confirm if a specific oil is impacting you or not.

Less is better!

It is also important to remember that if you do use essential oils, less is definitely better when you are so sensitive to energy! If you are using essential oils medicinally through diffusing or in a carrier oil on the skin, then you will need fewer drops than what may be called for. Less is definitely more for empaths when it comes to essential oils! Definitely make sure to dilute the oils before use!

You may also want to reframe how you view essential oils. Essential oils have such a strong effect on us. So it’s better to view them as medicinal instead of using them casually. If you begin experiencing negative health symptoms or negative emotions consistently while using a particular oil, that is an energetic warning sign telling you that the oil may not be working well for you.

Do I use essential oils?

I got rid of many of my oils, but I still have some. I’ve used muscle testing as well as mindful focus to pay attention to which oils my body and energy were reacting to negatively. I got rid of those that were causing a physical or negative emotional reaction. The oils I do have I use sparingly and very intentionally. I do not diffuse oils throughout my house anymore. Instead, I typically will use an oil in a carrier oil on my skin. I do use a few oils in my homemade household cleaners as well, but use them highly diluted.

So to answer the main question of this post…essential oils are neither bad nor good for empaths. It is a very individual thing. It’s up to you to truly listen to your body’s cues to see how your energy reacts to oils.

If you do make the decision to use essential oils, choose organic when possible. It is important that any oils you use don’t contain any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides to which you may be sensitive!

Don’t want to waste money buying oils and then not being able to use them? You can muscle test to see which oils will work and which won’t! You will see me occasionally recommend an oil here on the blog. I do believe they can be beneficial for most people. But not everything works for every person.

Do you use oils regularly? What are some of the differences you’ve noticed by incorporating them into your life?

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