Italian Pasta Salad

June 26, 2022
Italian Pasta Salad Recipe Post- Picture of a colorful red bowl filled with Italian pasta salad

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a nice, cool, refreshing pasta salad like this Italian pasta salad. I don’t know about you, but when the summer heat arrives, the last thing I want is a lot of hot foods to eat. I certainly don’t want to be spending tons of time in a hot kitchen. And I really like the ease of a nice pasta…

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Simple Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

October 6, 2021
Bowl filled with pumpkin spice oatmeal topped with chopped walnuts

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of pumpkin spice. And every September, I get so excited for the start of pumpkin spice season! So this year, I’ve made it a goal to create some new pumpkin spice themes recipes. And this pumpkin spice oatmeal was at the top of my list! I make homemade oatmeal all the time. It’s easy to make and tastes great! So…


Skillet Mexican Street Corn

May 28, 2019

Skillet Mexican Street Corn is a cob-free version of this trendy favorite! Mexican Street Corn has been a trendy dish for a while now. Typically, it is corn on the cob that has been grilled and then slathered with a tangy sauce and covered with crumbled cheese. Can you say yum? It was a flavor explosion in my mouth. I definitely made quite a few yummy noises…and I…


Grilled Peaches

May 22, 2019

In the summertime when the heat is high, no one wants to be in the kitchen cooking! Here in South Carolina when the temperatures are in the mid to upper 90’s I will not turn on my oven! I don’t even like to use the stovetop if I don’t have to! It just heats up my little house too quickly! So if you’re in need of a great…


Banana Bread Muffins

November 30, 2017
A picture of two muffins on a plate with the blog post title "Banana Bread Muffins, gluten free, grain free, sugar free"

I love my mother’s banana bread recipe. Every time I eat that bread, it just brings me right back to my childhood! I don’t get it very often. But it is still a staple for my family at holiday celebrations. But I will admit that now that I’m single, I don’t necessarily like to make a whole loaf anymore. It’s just WAAAAYYY too much for just me. And…


Salted Maple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

November 19, 2017
A picture of a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds with the blog post title "Salted Maple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, gluten free, grain free"

Pumpkins are plentiful this time of year. And I have been making more pumpkin-based recipes and trying new, yummy pumpkin things…which has been so much fun! Of course, I don’t want to throw away those pumpkin seeds because they are little nutrient-packed powerhouses! So I decided to try roasting them and created this maple roasted pumpkin seed recipe. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. They are like pumpkin crack!…


Grain-Free Apple Crisp

September 17, 2017
A picture of a bowl of apple crisp topped with whipped cream and the blog post title "Grain Free Apple Crisp, gluten free, grain free"

I have a regular recipe using regular or sprouted flour for apple crisp, which I absolutely love! I grew up eating the regular recipe each fall and winter and it is completely comforting food for me! My Mom made it regularly during the cool months and so I have a strong emotional connection to this recipe. I always know when it’s officially autumn when it is cool enough…


Discovering Quinoa

May 7, 2017

It was only a couple of years ago that I would see quinoa on the shelf of the grocery store and had absolutely no idea what it even was! Quinoa (keen-wah) is fantastic, gluten-free food. Many health experts are touting quinoa as a grain, but it actually a grain-like plant that is known for its edible seeds….which are actually what you consume when you eat it. The quinoa…