The Energy of Food

The best foods to consume when you are energy sensitive…and even if you aren’t!

We all know that some foods are healthier for our bodies and some aren’t. We’ve been taught for years that we should avoid consuming too much junk foods. They just aren’t so great for our bodies. And we have also been taught that we should consume more fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. They are good for us. But food is energy and passes that energy onto us. And every food has it’s own energy level.

As someone who is energy sensitive, this idea was even more important for me. Food holds energy and eating too many of the wrong foods can lead to energy depletion and sickness. We are all energetic beings, whether we are sensitive to the energy of others or not. And so every person can be impacted negatively by low energy foods and get healthier with the help of higher energy foods.

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