Herbs and Essential Oils Manage Stress

Top Herbs for Stress

March 7, 2022
Top herbs for stress blog post- Picture of three different herb flowers

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Sometimes we need a little help! That’s why I’m sharing the top herbs for stress.

Sometimes it is challenging to manage stress. Dealing with busy weeks, having too much on your plate, or being around large groups of people for extended periods can be stressful for most people. Even scrolling social media can stress you out! But no matter how good your self-care routine may be, there are some times when stress is going to be high. And you may need a little extra help to manage your stress.

Oftentimes, people reach for a glass of wine or cocktail to try to reduce stress. Or cigarettes, junk food, or a drug. But these aren’t the best or healthiest options. There are natural options that can help calm your nervous system and reduce stress. This is important when your regular stress management methods aren’t working by themselves.

There are quite a few herbs that work really well for a stressed-out nervous system. All of the herbs we look at can be taken as a tincture, as tea, or in supplement form. There are two categories of herbs that can be beneficial. The first category is the nervine herbs. The herbs in this group help to support and restore balance in the central nervous system.

The second category of herbs is the adaptogens. The adaptogenic herbs help the body to adapt to stress. The herbs do this by stopping an overactive stress response. They are non-toxic and gentle to the body and can be taken daily for extended periods of time.

The best nervine herbs for empaths


Chamomile is perhaps one of the most well-known nervine herbs. It can be found in tea form in most grocery stores, and many drink a cup of chamomile tea to help calm them after a long day. This herb is good for helping relieve mild stress.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a powerhouse nervine herb. It helps with nervous exhaustion. It can also help you if you’re feeling restless. This is a wonderful herb to take in tea form. It has a pleasant taste that has a hint of citrus flavor to it.


This herb is best known for helping to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. It balances, nourishes, and restores the nervous system and can decrease chronic stress. Helps to calm a worried mind and may also help you get to sleep when you’ve been stressed.


Yes, this is the herb that our feline friends go crazy for! But it also has some great benefits for humans too! Catnip is a relaxing nervine. It helps to give you a sense of peace, especially when you’ve been overstimulated. It can help reduce hyperactivity and it is considered a very mild sedative, so it can also help you get to sleep!


If you have trouble turning off your thoughts or struggle with anxiety, passionflower might help. Passionflower is a mild sedative (although its effects are more powerful than the other herbs mentioned in this post). It calms the nervous system and helps to promote restful sleep. Passionflower may also help to calm panic attacks.

Adaptogens herbs for stress

Adaptogens work differently than nervine herbs. Most nervine herbs have mild sedative effects. But the adaptogens do not. This class of herbs helps the body adapt and recover from stressful situations. And for empaths, life is a series of them!

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil is an herb popular in India. It has been shown to reduce the impact of both physical and mental stress. It has also been shown to give relief from anxiety and depression that are associated with stress.


A natural stress reliever, Ashwagandha can also improve stamina, reduce anxiety and depression, and lower cortisol levels. It is commonly used to help treat adrenal fatigue.


The immune system struggles to function at its best when you’re stressed. Rhodiola helps to support your immune system during stressful times. It also helps you to overcome the physical and mental fatigue that happens when you are stressed.

American Ginseng

Helps you to stay calm during stressful situations. Boosts the immune system, increases your reaction time, and can help to improve your brain function too!


Traditional Chinese medicine has used this immune system-boosting mushroom for thousands of years. This mushroom helps to strengthen the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory power helps to fight oxidative stress. It helps you to fight stress and can help boost your energy levels naturally, without the jitteriness of caffeine.

Eluethero Root

Stress can make it difficult to keep your emotions in check. But this healing root can help you to sustain your emotional stamina when stress is at its highest. It helps to boost your immune system function. It boosts your mental clarity, helping you to focus. And it can also help you get to sleep.

Schisandra Berry

These berries help to support the normal function of the nervous system. They help with focus, concentration and can boost endurance.

Sometimes we need a little extra support. Instead of reaching for alcohol, food, or other ways to soothe yourself, consider using one of these herbs. Do your due diligence and research the herbs you are interested in trying. Even though they are natural, they may have counterindications with medications or may not be okay to take with certain pre-existing conditions. Most of these herbs are very gentle. And the right herb can help to give you some relief…without creating extra issues for you!

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