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Energy Sensitivity

15 Things that Raise Your Vibration

July 25, 2022
15 things that raise your vibration blog post- picture of happy woman jumping in the air

No one wants to feel crappy! I know I sure don’t! But that’s exactly how a person feels when their energetic vibration is low. When in this state you can feel downright bad. You may experience different negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration, and jealousy….and you may even experience illness. Low vibing just doesn’t feel very good! Living a high-vibing lifestyle just feels better. It comes…

Manage Stress

Why You Need to Clear the Clutter

July 17, 2022
Why You Need to Clear the Clutter blog post with a picture of a young woman working on her computer is a cluttered room

Does your house have a lot of clutter? Having a messy or cluttered house doesn’t feel good! And it definitely doesn’t lower your stress level. It is a constant reminder of things that need attention. And it becomes a part of an ever-growing “to do” list. It can drain your energy and can begin to make you sick! You need a great plan to help you attack that…