Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

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Eating clean doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. And using the crock pot is the perfect way to ensure that you can have a healthy meal without lots of labor. What I particularly love about using the slow cooker for a recipe like this is that I can make a easy healthy meal without heating my kitchen during the summer months. Living in South Carolina that is huge for me! I avoid using my oven whenever possible. My house is only 1100 sq feet and using the oven just makes most of my house warmer than I would like.

Of course, I use this recipe all throughout the year because it’s just so darn easy. And of course, buying a whole chicken and using it for different recipes throughout the week (or even freezing tsome of the cooked chicken to use at a later time), just makes cooking from scratch much easier!

This recipe was very quick to put together. And it smelled absolutely fantastic and was so moist and tender! When I put the thermometer in to make sure that it was hot enough, the entire chicken fell apart! It was very yummy too!!

If you like a little heat with your meal, then you can always add some cayenne pepper to the seasoning mix.  I love serving this recipe with a nice Greek Salad during the summer months. During the fall and winter I love to pair it with some roasted potatoes for a complete meal.

This recipe is both gluten and grain free.

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