Grilled Vegetable Skewers

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Don’t you just love grilling out? To me, grilling out makes me think about lazy summer evenings watching the fireflies as dusk settles, all while enjoying a freshly grilled burger or a nice, juicy steak. There is just something slower about the pace of the warmer months and so I’ll be sharing more great grilling recipes that you can enjoy all throughout the grilling months! And these grilled vegetable skewers make the perfect side dish!

Although spring just started, the weather has gotten nice and warm here in South Carolina. With the warm weather comes grilling season, although we can pretty much grill year-round here! I just bought myself a new grill….a great outdoor electric grill. This was an easy choice because I simply didn’t want to fuss with a gas or charcoal grill and so I found this great grill that is super easy to use, and it grills up the food wonderfully! I am thoroughly enjoying becoming a grill master!

I really adore making grilled vegetable skewers!! They are the absolute easiest warm-weather side dish that you can make. ┬áSo simple to prepare and to customize. And they are made even better by using garden-fresh veggies right from your backyard or the farmer’s market. The beautiful thing about doing these veggie skewers is that you can use fresh veggies that you like….so they can completely be personalized for you! You can personalize them even further by using your favorite combination of seasonings.

The right blend

My favorite seasoning blend to use is a great organic Italian blend of seasonings. The oregano and basil cooking on the grill smell absolutely divine!

The sky is truly the limit with which vegetables you can choose to skewer! Choose your favorites and enjoy!

As long as your seasonings are free of gluten and grains, these skewers will be too!

What is your favorite grilling recipe? I’d love you to hear which grilling recipes are spring and summer staples for you!

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