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Instead of Ranting About Negative Things…Do This! (Video)

October 6, 2020
Instead of Ranting About Negative Things...Do This! Blog post title with picture of Kathy Seppamaki

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How many times have you had something happen that made you angry or left you feeling frustrated…and you decided to take to social media to do a little ranting about it?

Or maybe a friend or family member did something to make you angry and you felt like picking up the phone to vent to someone else.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve done both of these things! What I didn’t understand at the time was just how much the energy I put out into the world and share impacts those people around me.

I would guess that most of us don’t think about “infecting” others with our negative energy. And yet we do it all of the time.

Energy is contagious! In fact, the term “emotional contagion” is used to describe how energy impacts those in the world around us. And I spent most of my life infecting others with negative energy!

Now, I’m much more conscious of the energy I send out into the world. I don’t get online and share negative “rants” on social media. I know that it will impact those who see my post.

Instead I like to infect others with positivity! Now, to me, living positively does not mean stuffing down negative emotions or avoiding them. In fact, it’s just the opposite. In fact, now I recognize that for years I attempted to stuff them down using food because I was afraid to feel them…and so that energy remained stuck in my body for decades, causing all kinds of emotional, mental and physical issues!

Now I take the time to sit with those emotions when they occur and allow myself to be with them without judgment. This actually allows me to release so much of the energy of those emotions!

But I’m also taking responsibility for my energy. My energy impacts the world around me, and so I want to feel as good as I can…as much as I can. So I don’t want to continue holding onto energy that isn’t serving me or the world around me!

This video shares one of the things I do now instead of ranting negatively…and it feels SO much better!

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