Homemade Pancit for Two

A picture of a skillet of pancit and the blog post title "Homemade Pancit, gluten free"

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When it was time for me to think about new dishes to create and make clean, I decided that I should try a whole food version of homemade pancit. Pancit is a rice noodle dish….a great Filipino dish that is really popular, but simple to make.

This dish was perfect for me to try because I really love to try new foods. This was one that I had not even heard of before!

I was surprised at how easy this dish was to prepare and how quickly I could fix it. Now, the version of Pancit that I made is slightly different than some traditional Pancit. Traditional pancit calls for cabbage and fish sauce. Instead of cabbage, I used green peppers. Some recipes call for pork tenderloin and chicken, but I just used chicken. It was very yummy and made for great leftovers too!!

This recipe is naturally gluten-free….bonus!

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