Choosing the Right Deodorant for Your Body (VIDEO)

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Even though the kids just headed back to school this week here in Columbia SC, it IS still summer. And August can be a real scorcher! The last thing any of us wants to do is get sweaty and stinky! How embarrassing! I whipped up a quick video for you to talk a little bit about why you should rethink using an antiperspirant and how to choose the right deodorant for you…especially if you are trying to find simple, clean products that are healthier for your body!

The main ingredient that is used to reduce the amount of perspiration in an antiperspirant is aluminum. Aluminum is definitely a big no no when it comes to your health! Aluminum is particularly bad for your brain. And so if you want to keep your brain happy and healthy, you need to avoid aluminum at all costs!

Add to that ingredients such as parabens which mimic important hormones in the body, and you could be exposing yourself to things that could cause you to get sick!

Try using a natural deodorant!

A natural deodorant can leave you smelling fresh as a daisy, but without the scary ingredients. They won’t reduce the amount of sweat coming from your pits, but they are much better for your overall health, for sure!

You need to be an informed consumer however! Companies can use the term “natural” on their label even with chemical filling their product. So you’ll need to be vigilant and do some label reading. I share a great resource that can help simplify the process significantly…and you know I’m all about simple!

It’s important to use products that are as clean and toxic chemical free as possible to help reduce the stress on your body’s detoxification system. That is going to help you begin to reverse health issues and restore or preserve your health…and I want you to be as healthy as possible!

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