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The Inner Call to Simplify

September 26, 2021
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There is a lot of fatigue in the world right now. Facing a pandemic with endless unknowns and lots of fear is stressful. And people are facing elevated chronic stress as a result. On top of that people are being over-saturated by information and external stimulation. The human mind was not designed to take in the amount of information that it currently does each day. It was designed for a much more simple life. That’s why so many currently struggle with not only fatigue but anxiety and even depression. It’s also why suddenly the world has become more forgetful as a whole. There is simply too much “stuff” to be remembered and filed away in the mind. And unfortunately in this information age, this issue will continue to get worse unless people become more mindful and purposefully simplify their life.

The Call to Simplify

There is a calling that many are experiencing to do just that. To move to a more simple way of living and being in the world. To pair down their belongings and begin saying no to things that aren’t aligned with who they are. But more people need to get off of the hamster wheel of being busy and overloading themselves with information. When you do that, however, you have an opportunity to listen to what your heart and soul are guiding you to do and be in the world.

Do you feel that calling? If so, you may be wondering where to start. It’s important to first start by cutting back on the external stimulation. Turn off the television, your computer, phone, and any other electronic device. And just sit in the stillness for 15 minutes a day. There is a deficiency of silence in the world these days. Take a moment and pay attention to the sounds you hear around you. Even if you aren’t listening to digital devices, you may still hear the hum of a furnace, the buzz of a refrigerator running, even the sound of cars passing outside.

We have become used to continuous noise. And we are also in a time when people are overwhelmed with being busy. Being still isn’t common for most people. And for many, the silence will be uncomfortable when they begin sitting in it. They are used to endless amounts of noise in their world. But as you sit there, allow the discomfort and allow yourself to become re-acquainted with silence and stillness. It will pass.

Pay attention

Notice how it makes you feel. Notice your breathing pattern. And notice what thoughts enter your mind. Let go of judgment and just allow yourself to be with you for a few moments.

The noise, the business can become addictive. But it is vital for your body, mind, and spirit to release that addiction because it is unhealthy. The more you take time daily to sit in stillness and silence, the more you will connect with your soul’s need for it. In those moments you reconnect with who you truly are. You connect with your soul and can begin hearing the quiet voice of your authentic self showing you the way forward. You begin connecting with your heart-space and allow yourself to have the time to really hear yourself. When you simplify it can not only improve your relationship with yourself but with others as well. It also helps to improve your health and wellbeing.

Make this a daily practice and you will begin feeling better, body, mind, and spirit. Once you become comfortable with sitting in silence for 15 minutes a day. Increase that time to 30 minutes…or even an hour. This is actually important for the nervous system. We spend our lives now with the nervous system always being on high alert. But in taking that time away from technology and sound is soothing to the nervous system. If you close your eyes as well, you eliminate another source of external stimulation. Taking time to simplify even for 15 minutes can help to begin healing your nervous system, and your health.

It’s important to take things one step at a time if you want to experience success in simplifying your life. Learning to sit with yourself in silence is a great place to start. But if you’re looking for other ways to simplify, look here.

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