To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company

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I have been baking with sprouted flour all the way back to 2011 when this website was first created! I love sprouted flour because it is much easier to digest than non-sprouted flour. And the sprouting process increases important nutrients too. So you eat healthier flour when it’s sprouted. Back when I began using sprouted flours, it was very hard to find them. I certainly couldn’t find sprouted flour in my local grocery stores (which I still can’t). But even health-oriented grocery stores in my area like Earth Fare and Whole Foods did not carry them then. Boy has that changed now!

But I did find a small company online that was creating lots of different types of sprouted flours, grains, legumes, and snacks. To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company has been my number 1 go-to place for sprouted flours for over a decade. And they have such a great variety of flours…including gluten-free. I’m not an affiliate of this company, but if they had a program I would be! I love their flours SO much! Glad I can get them at Whole Foods now!

Find them here- To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company