Skillet Smoked Sausage and Rice

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I really love having super quick and easy meals that I can prepare with minimal prep time and minimal cook time. It makes it much easier to provide nourishing meals on the days that are really busy. This skillet smoked sausage and rice is one of my quick and easy go-to meals!

I always have a batch of soaked and cooked rice in my freezer that I can just pull out and use. I make a large batch monthly and portion it out into 1 cup servings for recipes and side dishes. With precooked rice, this dish takes 10 minutes to prepare and 10-15 minutes to cook. I always use uncured smoked sausage which I find at my local Whole Foods.

And the taste is fantastic. Nice and flavorful! This dish is also gluten-free which is a bonus! If you wish to make it grain-free, you can use cauliflower “rice”. I’ve not tried that…yet, but I’m sure it would work well!

Skillet Smoked Sausage and Rice #realfood #glutenfree #grainfreeoption

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