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Is That Leaky Gut Really an Infection? Pt. 2

September 21, 2013
Is that leaky gut really an infection part two- picture of an h pylori infection

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So, when we left off in the first part of this article, I had shared that I confirmed that I have an H pylori infection. I also had a resulting ulcer, which became inflamed as a result of stress.

When people get diagnosed with h pylori by a doctor, typically medical intervention is what is called the triple pack. That includes two strong antibiotics and an acid reducer such as Prilosec.

For me, antibiotics are not an option. I began having extreme reactions to antibiotics as a teenager, and as I got older, I began having problems with more and more antibiotics. The last time I was put on an antibiotic, it resulted in a fever of 103, with extreme fatigue and stomach pain. I couldn’t even get out of bed! So absolutely NO antibiotics for me!

I had to look for natural alternatives to heal the h pylori

I am not a doctor and cannot give you information to diagnose yourself or treat you. But I am going to share the protocol I have used to help me to feel tons better and helped me to heal!


Cayenne pepper is amazing stuff! Doctors used to regularly tell their patients to avoid spicy food when having an ulcer and to stick to a bland diet, believing that cayenne pepper actually causes ulcer pain.  And although there are still doctors who are touting this, it simply isn’t true. The capsicum in cayenne is great for helping ulcers to heal. It also helps the digestive system, which for many h pylori sufferers is severely lacking. It is also a pain reducer which can help with any stomach pain associated with an h pylori infection. Cayenne cannot help to kill the h pylori, but can significantly help with symptoms. For me, with the ulcer, it really helped to begin the healing process!

Fresh cabbage juice

This juice has been used for centuries as a natural way to help and heal ulcers, but it is also believed that it can help to kill the h pylori. I have been drinking 4 ounces two times a day and it not only helped my stomach pain but did so pretty quickly! Make sure to choose organic cabbage if possible.

Oil of oregano

Oregano is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that has been shown to kill h pylori. I have used this in the past on numerous occasions in place of an antibiotic. I have taken several drops two times a day in a gelatin capsule because it is way too strong for me to take without it!


This important amino acid is needed to keep the intestinal mucosa healthy and functioning normally. When the stomach lining is weak, as it is with an h pylori infection, it helps to strengthen the lining and helps it heal.  I take 500 mg of this three times a day with meals.

Mastic gum

This gum from the mastic tree has long been used to help heal ulcers, but it is also known to help and kill h pylori. I take 500 mg three times a day with meals.


To heal, I needed lots and lots of good flora to repopulate my digestive tract. I get lots of probiotics in two ways. First, I take a full spectrum probiotic supplement. Secondly, I have been eating lots of probiotic-rich Lacto-fermented veggies and fruits and drinking plenty of kombucha and water kefir! Good stuff!

This is my basic protocol for h pylori. I am also having to supplement with a few other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids right now. This is because I was chronically deficient as a result of the infection preventing my digestive system from absorbing the nutrients that I need to function optimally.  The supplementation will only be for a short while.

When following this protocol, I noticed a huge reduction in my symptoms in only two days.  My stomach pain is gone, and so is my reflux. I am still eating gluten-free, but am going to continue this protocol for 4-6 weeks to allow my digestive system to fully heal.  Then I will see how I tolerate sprouted and soaked grains and introduce them slowly!

This natural protocol worked very well for me. If you are looking for natural help for h pylori, make sure to do plenty of research and know that it does not need to be as difficult as other experts claim it is to get rid of. You do not need to continue suffering!

Here’s to a healthy gut!

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