Getting Back to the Kitchen

How often do you spend time cooking in the kitchen? In America’s kitchens today, we see a disturbing problem that has been increasing steadily over the last few decades. Fewer and fewer people choose to cook meals, particularly from scratch. We have become a society that is focused on convenience. And that is seen most strongly in the foods we consume regularly.

Fast Food Nation

Many find it much easier to grab some fast food, drop in at a restaurant, fix a quick frozen dinner or throw together some other quick convenience foods to fill our tummies. The problem with these highly processed foods is that they have little to no nutritional value and are leaving too many people with nutrient deficiencies that ultimately lead to chronic health problems.

The good news is that cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult…or take a long time! I had to learn this lesson myself when I started cooking regularly. And I went from someone who lived primarily on frozen and fast food! I had to get myself out of the mindset of “I’ll just run through the drive-thru and pick something up”. There are still some busy days that I have to fight that thought now!

But I do know that when I give into that thought, I feel downright crappy after consuming processed or fast foods. And when eating real, homemade food, I feel energized and good.

Tasty, not complicated

Famous chef Julia Child said “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces — just good food from fresh ingredients.”

My goal in the New Year is to help you do just that….to find simple, delicious real food meals that you can make quickly and that help to keep you out of the fast food drive-thru and away from the convenience stores. I also want to help you learn how to plan meals weekly, so that you can eat healthier and save money as well!

In doing so, you will see huge improvements in how you feel, and experience your health changing for the better!

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