Energy sensitivity

Energy sensitivity

Clearing Clutter to Increase Energy

September 21, 2022
Clearing Clutter to Increase Energy blog post- Picture of a woman sitting on her couch in a very cluttered living room

How often do you focus on clearing clutter in your house? It could be draining your energy! The past year has been interesting for me. Of course, there is still a global pandemic happening that has changed how we all move and live in the world. It’s created a new sense of normal. But of course, my life changed even more when my sweet father left this world…

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Managing Your Energy on Social Media

October 3, 2021
Smart phone with social media apps

If you are energy sensitive, spending time on social media could impact your energy. How are you managing your energy on social media each day? How often do you find yourself checking your social media accounts? The average person spends 2.22 hours a day on social media.  Not only do people spend time catching up with family and friends. Many people now use social media as a major…

Energy sensitivity

What Does It Mean To Be An Energy-Sensitive Person? (Video)

February 9, 2021
What Does It Mean to Be An Energy Sensitive Person- Picture of an opening water lilly

Are you an energy-sensitive person? If you are unsure of whether or not energy sensitivity is something you are dealing with, this post can help! Most people don’t recognize and are unaware of what energy sensitivity is. Because of this, many who are energy sensitive have no idea of the differences that make them who they are. A lack of understanding can lead to a life filled with…

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The Overload Threshold

May 27, 2019
The Overload Threshold blog post with a picture of a woman sitting on the floor with a stressed position

If you are energy sensitive, there may be times when you are out in public or with friends that you feel like escaping. This is what happens when you hit the overload threshold. You’re at a party with friends when suddenly it hits you…an overwhelming feeling of discomfort. You feel like you need to get away from the people and noise. And you want to get back to…

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Sharing Space With a Partner When You’re Energy Sensitive

May 27, 2019
Sharing Space With A Partner When You're Energy Sensitive- picture of a couple in bed

Sharing space in your home with one or more people can have challenging moments for anyone. But having a roommate, partner, children, or spouse under the same roof can put an even greater strain on someone who is energy sensitive. When you don’t understand your energy sensitivity and your specific energetic needs it is easy to become energy depleted quickly. But you can avoid that easily. And you…