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What Does It Mean To Be An Energy-Sensitive Person? (Video)

February 9, 2021
What Does It Mean to Be An Energy Sensitive Person- Picture of an opening water lilly

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Are you an energy-sensitive person? If you are unsure of whether or not energy sensitivity is something you are dealing with, this post can help!

Most people don’t recognize and are unaware of what energy sensitivity is. Because of this, many who are energy sensitive have no idea of the differences that make them who they are.

A lack of understanding can lead to a life filled with challenges because of a lack of education on how to navigate the energy of the world around them or within them!

Negative labels for the energy-sensitive person

And the world isn’t comfortable with them being sensitive souls, so they can feel plenty of pressure to hide who they are. They are often labeled “overly sensitive” or “overly dramatic”! This can certainly take a toll on the self-esteem of those who are already sensitive to so much!

If you’re here, then it’s because you either believe that you may be energy sensitive or you may suspect that a loved one is. Every single human is made up of energy. We are energetic beings. But 15-20% of us are more sensitive to that energy and therefore process it differently.

People use many different labels for those who are energy sensitive. Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, Lightworker, Energy Worker, Energy Healer, Witch, and even Highly Creative. If you identify as any of these labels, then you’re in the right place!

I made this important video to begin defining what it is to be an energy-sensitive person. It’s time for you to start understanding who you are so that you can begin to overcome the struggles you’ve faced in the past. Your unique sensitivity is not an illness or a disorder. It doesn’t make you broken, bad or wrong. In fact, once you understand more about who you are, you may even recognize what a gift it is!

You can now begin to learn how to manage energy and create a world where you are healthy and where you thrive!

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