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How Toxic Beliefs Affect Your Health

November 6, 2018
Picture of a dictionary with the word belief

When most people think about getting healthy, they think about eating better and exercising. And yes, those things are definitely a huge part of getting healthy. They may also think more about reducing or eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals that are found in household cleaners and personal care products. For empaths that is an important part of healthy living as well. But what about toxic beliefs? People don’t…


Are You Chasing Happy?

January 20, 2015
Are You Chasing Happy blog post

Are you chasing happy? While I’ve always shared great real food recipes and ways to keep yourself healthy naturally here at Simple Clean Living, I have just been feeling led to also focus on stress-free living….and the huge part that mindset has to do with not only our health but our quality of life and ultimately, our happiness. So what is mindset exactly? You hear that terminology used…