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But What if I Just Don’t Like Kefir?

April 2, 2017

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As I made the transition to eating real, traditional foods, one of the things that I was really eager to try was some great cultured and fermented beverages. I have dealt with digestive issues since I was a child and knew that it was really important to introduce more great probiotics into my diet, to help restore my gut. So being an eager student, I decided to start with milk kefir. I ordered my grains, which had been made from raw milk, of course.

A few days later, my grains arrived and so I dutifully prepared my first batch of milk kefir.  After a few days of letting the grains do their work, I strained them out and decided to make myself a kefir smoothie. I used one of my favorite, smoothie recipes and sat down to fully enjoy my kefir experience.

After taking my first sip I realized that I had a problem…..I didn’t like the milk kefir. Nope, not at all. So, I thought, maybe it’s just a little off because it’s the first batch. Maybe I let it sit out too long. I actually gave my dogs a little bit of that remaining batch of kefir (which they absolutely adored!) and made another. In this batch, I let it culture for less time than the first. The results? Same problem as before. I just didn’t like it!

Feeling guilty about the kefir

I actually began to feel guilty about not liking milk kefir. And I tried tons of different recipes…everything from different smoothies to salad dressings. I looked for any way possible to help me to like it. And after a couple of months of trying to find a way to incorporate milk kefir into my diet, forcing myself to drink a glass every day, dreading having to drink it, and feeling like a bad foodie for not liking milk kefir, I finally had a light bulb moment.

This moment actually happened after I purchased my first bottle of GT’s kombucha. It was love at first sip!! If you haven’t had kombucha, it is very hard to describe, but to my tastebuds it was heaven!

That was when I realized that I didn’t have to feel guilty about not liking milk kefir. I was an individual, and I have my own taste preferences and that’s okay!

I have talked to other family members, friends, and followers who often find themselves facing similar situations when transitioning to a healthier way of eating. Often as they begin experimenting with new foods, some of which are popular or which have been highly recommended by others, they will come across things that they just don’t like.  And it’s easy to feel a little guilty when you don’t like the food that your Aunt Ellen and best friend Sue have been raving about for months.

Try things…once!

What is most important is to be open to trying new foods and new beverages….at least once! And then you can make a decision about whether or not a food or beverage is for you. You don’t have to force yourself to eat or drink something, just because it is popular with the real food crowd, or because a family member or friend likes it.  My friends absolutely love sushi and rave about it all of the time….but I’m still not going to eat it!

So, what if you are like me and find that you don’t like milk kefir? The good news is that there are lots of other cultured or Lacto-fermented beverages that you can try instead!

Some other probiotic rich beverages that you can include in your diet

  1. Kombucha (both store bought and homemade)
  2. Beet kvass
  3. Lacto-fermented juices (these are actually like a healthy homemade soda!)
  4. Water kefir (this is completely different than milk kefir….I actually like this type!!

Find one that works for you and that you really enjoy! Happy sipping!