What is Simple Clean Living?

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What is Simple Clean Living? Simple Clean Living is about clearing out all of the toxic garbage in your life, on several different levels. It is a mind, body, and spirit approach to healing your body and transforming your health and life.

With food, it means clearing out all of the man-made foods and going back to a more simple way of eating. It is about transitioning to a healthier way of eating by eating whole, real, nutrient-rich foods. This means incorporating fresh fruits and veggies, high-quality fats, whole grains, seeds, and nuts, pasture-raised meat, poultry, wild-caught seafood, and whole, fresh dairy.

It’s getting rid of the highly processed “junk” from your diet and rediscovering the amazing taste of real food. It is about giving your body the nutrients that it needs to repair itself, increase energy, and improve mood.  This is not a diet, but a new way of eating that is more satisfying and delicious than you can imagine!

We will be looking at the food we eat. But we also have to look at the other toxic products that are being used in your home every day. If you have never read the list of ingredients on the back of your household cleaners or personal care products, it is time to start doing that! Many of the chemicals used in the products we use every day are highly toxic and can ultimately cause health issues. But there are safer and better options available…especially now!

Be an informed consumer

It is time to become an informed consumer! That allows you to make the best product choices for the health of yourself and your family! There are simple solutions to help you clear out the toxic products in your home to help protect the health of you and those you care about.

Finally, it is about keeping yourself healthy naturally. We’ve lost sight of how to simply and naturally maintain our bodies. So we must focus on stress management and natural remedies. And we must learn how to utilize our bodies the way they were intended to be used.

One important element of managing stress and living a more simple life is to check in with our mindset. People often fail to recognize just how important what we think and believe is to our stress level and health. Making shifts in unhealthy thought patterns can go a long way to helping you be healthier…and happier!

If you have been allowing toxic thoughts to rule your mind, it’s time for a change! And I’m going to show you how to break through toxic thought patterns. This will let you choose thoughts and beliefs that really resonate with who you are, and that feels better!

We are all on a journey. Here’s to taking the first step toward living a simple, clean life!


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