Naturally Soothe Sore Muscles

You’ve been out working or playing hard and before you know it, you are left with sore muscles in your back, neck or even feet. Having sore muscles can make life challenging because it causes you to move more slowly, have difficulty getting comfortable or struggle to get a good night sleep due to the pain.  Instead of using a store bought product for sore muscles, there is a natural and effective solution that works relatively quickly.

What is this great solution? Oil of oregano!  This oil is a combination of oregano essential oil and a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or sweet almond oil.

Oil of oregano is one oil that I always make sure to have on hand. It is a known bacteria, virus and anti-fungal, and is great to help combat colds and flu. But oil of oregano is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and effective for pain relief.

Recently, while moving, I experienced sore and tired calf muscles from extended use. The pain was uncomfortable enough that I had difficulty sleeping, so I rubbed a few drops of oil of oregano on each calf. The discomfort subsided within about ten minutes and I was able to sleep.  It is also one of my favorite go to remedies for my sore feet after a long day of walking or standing.

It doesn’t take much oil of oregano to experience the benefits, so you do not need to go overboard. Less is more. Simply a few drops rubbed into the area where you are experiencing aches and pains.

Just a few words of caution:

  1. Oil of oregano is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.
  2. Oil of oregano is a pre-diluted mixture of essential oil and a carrier oil. If you have oregano essential oil, you must dilute it in a carrier oil so that you do not experience skin irritation.

Now you can experience quick relief from those aching muscles and don’t have to suffer any longer!


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