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Important Life Lessons for the New Year

December 31, 2019
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As this year comes to a close, what are the life lessons you learned over the past twelve months? This year has been a big one full of life lessons for me! And I wanted to share them with you.

It’s hard to believe that a new year is almost here…as well as a new decade! I’ve been thinking a lot about the last several years of my life and how profoundly different my life is now, and how different I am as well. I am not afraid to talk about my journey because it has made me who I am today, and I genuinely like the quirky, creative, free-spirited woman that I am!

I’ve left behind low vibrational living and have made living in joy a priority in my life. In sharing my journey with y’all, I hope to inspire others to let go of the negative things. Let go of the sadness, the feelings of not being good enough, and the fear. And choose a different way of being in the world. It is possible to do that and I am living proof! So, these are just a few of the profound life lessons that I’ve learned over the past couple of years on my own journey. And I wanted to share them with you, just in time for the new year!

Life lessons…

Always do your best to be kind to others

Every single person has at least one area of their life in which they don’t feel as if they are good enough….no matter how confident they seem. We all need kindness and encouragement along the way!

Be willing to start a sing-along anywhere…at any time!

It not only is fun, but it makes people smile as well….even if you sing off-key.

Let go of all of the hurt, anger, and frustration of the past

They aren’t hurting those who may be responsible for it, they are hurting you. And you deserve better!

Don’t be afraid to tell the people that you care about how you feel about them

They need to hear it just as much as you need to say it! So say it….but don’t forget to also show them as well!!!

Face your fears and do it anyway!

Some of the most profoundly beautiful experiences you can have come from doing those things that scare you the most! And in doing those things you’ll discover just how strong you really are!

Open your heart to love someone special

Even if it scares the crap out of you! Yes, you risk getting hurt…but the heart will always heal if you do. And when you find that one special love, it will all be worth the risk. If you keep your heart closed off, you may miss that chance.

Don’t ever settle!

Don’t settle because you are afraid of being alone or feel as if you don’t deserve better. You do deserve better, and being with someone who is not right for you is much lonelier than being alone any day!

Allow yourself to receive

Many people always feel the need to give but are uncomfortable receiving. Allow yourself to receive gifts, compliments…, without feeling as if you always have to give something in return. Always accept these things with gratitude and love.

Laugh as much as you can!

A life without laughter is stressful and dark. Laughter reduces stress, helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit, and should be done regularly!

Fall in love with someone who loves all of you

Fall in love with someone who can see your flaws and insecurities, but who still thinks who you are is pretty darn amazing, not in spite of them…but BECAUSE they are a part of who you are!

Do things every day that are silly and playful

Adults often forget how important these things really are to leading a healthy, well-rounded life. We need to stay connected to the creative, fun, child within us!

Don’t let someone make you feel like you’re not enough

Never stay in a relationship with anyone who consistently makes you feel as if you are not enough. Someone who truly loves you would and could NEVER make you feel that way.

Stop playing it safe!

Playing it safe means that you are settling in your life. It is a gray and colorless way of living. Take some risks and go for the color….I promise it is worth it!

Allow yourself to be truly present with others

Put down your phone and listen to others without thinking about how you want to respond. Learning to just be with others is one of the greatest forms of intimacy you can give to those you care about. You will see all of your relationships blossom as a result!!!

Be true to who you really are and do what is right for you

Stop letting other people dictate who you should be, how you should feel, or what you should do. Listen to your own inner guidance and do what resonates with you…even if it makes others angry! You have to honor your own journey, not live theirs!

Let yourself be vulnerable

When you open your heart to someone, allow yourself to be vulnerable with them. Let them see the full, imperfect beauty of who you really are. Don’t hold back for fear of rejection, but face that fear and love anyway. Those that are meant to love you will see the real you and love you even more.

Honor your pain

There will be times when others hurt you. That is just a fact of life. And although those wounds may be deep, you have the power to choose to not allow them to make you bitter, hard, or untrusting. When that happens, honor the pain, allow yourself to grieve and heal….and then choose joy, gratitude, happiness, and love, and allow yourself to love again.

Go big….or go home

Live your life out loud, love big, dance and sing often, dream big dreams, create whenever you can, and never regret anything…..because even the negative things have made you who you are in this moment…and you are a special and amazing human being!

We are not merely meant to exist in this life. We are meant to thrive and have so much more joy and satisfaction than most people are allowing for themselves. Grab ahold of that, and learn from these life lessons. When you do, you will blossom!

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