Why I Moved Away from Wheat

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I have been posting mostly clean gluten and grain free recipes on the site for awhile and some may be wondering why I’m incorporating more of them.  First of all, I know that there are a lot of people out there who suffer from Celiac disease and gluten intolerance and want ideas to make living gluten free a much easier process.  So to help with this I’m not really even posting recipes with sprouted wheat.

Living gluten free is a big change, but doesn’t have to mean a life of eating tasteless food!

The other reason is that I have suspected for awhile that I may be intolerant to gluten. I recognized years ago that I always feel lethargic after eating food with wheat. I used to often need to take a nap after eating a meal laden meal! And I also have dealt with allergies, skin problems, gas and reflux. Not to mention the fact that I have had a difficult time losing the last of my weight….no matter how I ate or worked out!

The change to gluten free

So I made the decision to eat clean gluten free foods to see if that made a difference. The results have been pretty incredible. My energy level has increased significantly. Now, when I eat a meal, it completely energizes me! No more post meal nap or brain fog. I am getting more done as a result.

The greatest benefit has been weight loss.  I will admit that over the past two years I have not always eaten the best. Like so many others, I am a stress eater, and losing my Mom, moving….twice, separating from my husband, divorcing, starting a new job and having my whole life change was more than a little stressful.  And eating gluten on top of it made me miserable and caused me to gain weight. Once I removed gluten foods, the weight began to melt off. The first week I lost 5 pound (and I didn’t go to the gym once…not that I recommend that!)

Signs of intolerance

The most telling sign to me was what happened when I ate some gluten containing meals over the course of two days, after having been gluten free for awhile. First, I ended up with horrible reflux and became very bloated and gassy. When I eat gluten free, I do not have a problem with reflux at all. Secondly, it really tore my stomach up! I was having such severe stomach pain that it was actually difficult to sleep.  So I removed gluten products and was consuming lots of kombucha and aloe vera juice to try and help my stomach to heal. I don’t want to experience that type of extreme stomach pain again! Not surprisingly I also felt downright ill. I was extremely sleepy and even after 9 hours of sleep, found it difficult to stay awake. So even without a confirmed diagnosis, gluten containing products just don’t work well for my body, and it certainly let me know!

More gluten and grain free!

I am making a commitment to providing good, quality options for those who cannot eat gluten containing grains, and as a result, you will see both gluten free and non-gluten free options for many of my recipes. I personally am eating mostly grain free with a few gluten free grain recipes included. So you will be seeing a whole lot more grain free recipes too!

I am also going to start including recipes for lacto-fermented foods, which are high in probiotic goodness and can help to heal the digestive system. This is not only important for those who suffer from Celiac and other food allergies, but for anyone who has eaten the SAD (standard American diet), which is very hard on our digestion.

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