Stop Giving a Crap What Other People Think!

September 24, 2015

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Are you a people pleaser? Do you need the approval of others to validate you? Do you work hard to try to make other people happy? If so, then it is time to learn how to stop giving a crap what other people think about you. Then you can take back your life and live the authentic life you deserve!

There are an awful lot of people pleasers in the world today. But the problem with being a people pleaser and living for the approval of others is that it is way too easy to lose yourself in the mix. While working to make others happy, you forget what it is that makes you happy. And you end up living their vision for your life instead of connecting with what YOU really want your life to be.

Not being true to me

I will admit that I did this for decades. But I woke up and realized that I was not being true to who I authentically was, because I was living under the guidelines of what others expected my life to be. I allowed their choices to move me from my dreams, visions and goals for my life. And I wasn’t happy living that way. Honestly, I was miserable. It was like working a job that you really, REALLY hated…all day, every day! And I became addicted to the approval of others.

I got away from the approval addiction by learning to listen to my heart and my spirit. To stop defining myself by what others wanted me to be and to truly take the time to listen to what I wanted to do in the world. Many people in my life had such set ideas of who I should be, how I should act and what I should do that it often caused conflict in those relationships. But I stayed true to myself and what my spirit was longing to do and eventually, those people who wanted to define me manifested right out of my life.

I learned to give myself the approval and validation that I needed to be true to the authentic me and that allowed me to feel good about myself and my choices for my life, no matter what anyone else thought!

Here are a couple of questions that I want you to ask yourself today….

  1. What is your soul longing to do in the world (your purpose)?
  2. Who in your life is setting boundaries by attempting to define how you should act, behave, live?
  3. Do you need the approval of that person to feel good about who you are and what you do?
  4. Are you compromising your purpose in life to make them happy or to gain their approval?

I am going to be spending more time helping you to break the chains of approval addiction so that you can begin to live your life intentionally.


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