Sprouted Angel Food Cake

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Recipes for sprouted angel food cakes aren’t easy to find. But I created one that works well and tastes great!

During the warmer months of the year, I always enjoy angel food cake topped with fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream. So this year, when I got a craving I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Store-bought angel food cakes are filled with ingredients that I just don’t want to eat. And there was no way that I was going to find a high quality, angel food cake that used sprouted flour.

So I decided to try my hand at making one. I went to look online to see if there was an existing recipe. But I was stunned when I couldn’t find a recipe for basic sprouted flour angel food cake!

Out of sheer necessity, this recipe was born. I was concerned about the cake being too dense because of the sprouted flour. But this cake was amazingly airy and light. It was much better than any angel food cake I’ve ever purchased from the store! I was incredibly proud of how this cake turned out and can’t wait to make one again for our next family gathering!

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