My Approach

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I became a health and stress management coach to help heal people in my family. During my education, I learned how important a clean diet and stress management are. So many people are struggling with unknown nutrient deficiencies from a lifetime of eating nutrient depleted, factory processed foods and living with chronic stress.

Many of the illnesses that are plaguing people in increasing numbers can be directly related to the food they are eating and the unresolved stress they are facing.. Unrecognized food allergies and intolerances, processed foods, smoking, stress, medications and toxins found in our food, personal care products and household cleaning products, all deplete vital nutrients that our bodies need to keep us healthy. The result is that more and more people are becoming malnourished without even realizing that it’s happening! The result of this malnourishment is illness, because the body simply doesn’t have adequate supplies of the nutrients that it needs to maintain health.

The good news is, that many of the nagging health issues that have come as a result of a lack of nutrients can be reversed once the body is given the proper tools for healing.

Now I’m using what I learned to help heal myself of a lifetime of issues related to food and stress!

I help my clients to makeover what they are eating and learn to embrace a diet of real whole foods. I help them get back in the kitchen and start cooking easy meals from scratch. I also help them to simplify their life and to find ways to better manage their stress so that they can thrive, not just survive.

If you would be interested in learning more about how I can help you to restore your health and feel great again, schedule a free health consultation with me!



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