How to Overcome Feeling Like You’re “Not Enough”

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So many people struggle each day with feeling as if they aren’t enough. And it impacts their quality of life and health in pretty big ways. And yet, most people are unaware of this struggle. It impacts people across all different backgrounds, ethnicities, religeous affiliations, political beliefs, genders and income bracket. No one is immune from feeling “not enough”. People who struggle with not feeling like they are enough has become such a big problem that it’s time we took a look at it and recognize it for the issue that it is! This is especially important because this mindset is contributing to chronic stress. And so we must face the “not enough” demon so that we can reduce that stress! Managing mindset is a powerful part of managing stress each day. You must take a look at and challenge your thoughts to live your healthiest life.

Do you struggle with not feeling like you are enough in one or more area of your life?

If so, you’re not alone! This issue is preventing so many people from being truly happy and living their best life. This is SUCH an important topic! When you don’t feel good about yourself it is so much easier to settle for less in your life. You will be much more tempted to settle for relationships and careers that just aren’t right for you. And that chips away at your self-esteem even more! I certainly have dealt with this in my own life. For decades I felt as if I wasn’t enough in many areas of my life. That caused me to stay in jobs and relationships that were very wrong for me because I just didn’t believe I was good enough to deserve better. And I’ve seen so many amazing people who struggle with the same issues…and all of it comes back to not feeling as if they are enough in one or more area of their life. What are the areas where you don’t feel you are enough? Think about how you talk to yourself.

Do you say things like….

“I’m not thin enough” “I am not attractive enough” “I’m not smart enough” “I am not educated enough” “I’m not young/old enough” “I’m not rich enough” You get the idea! You can begin to undo this pattern of thinking. And if you truly want to have a happier, more fulfilled life, then reprogramming your mindset will play a necessary role in getting you to that point. Be sure to watch the video. I give you some tips of things you can do to start reprogramming your mind to overcome your “not enoughness”!