Have You Heard of Yummly?

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‘,Hey y’all! I just wanted to stop by to share a pretty cool new site that I have discovered recently for collecting recipes called Yummly. So what is Yummly?

It’s somewhat like Pinterest or a recipe box, but you can fine tune your preferences  in your account settings according to your dietary needs. This makes it so that if you are searching for gluten free recipes, no gluten based recipes will show up in your search results. That makes it a little more streamlined than Pinterest!


They even break it down by specific dietary preferences, food allergies, cooking skill level and favorite cuisines. They have a lot of options, especially for food allergies! Really specific resource….but we’re not done yet!

How do you use Yummly?  Well, one way is to look for an orange “Yum” button at a website. Since Yummly is fairly new, many recipe sites don’t yet have it, but I do have the Yum buttons here so look for them at the top of my recipes! Another way is to add a bookmarklet to your toolbar. This will allow you to add any recipe from any site to your recipe box just by clicking the bookmarklet in your toolbar. Super simple (and you know that I’m all about simple!)

Here are the directions for adding the bookmarklet.

Once you’ve added some recipes to your recipe box, you can then create collections of different recipes. Here are a few of the recipe collections that I created in my recipe box.

Add recipes to the recipe box

It is quick and easy to add any recipe in your recipe box to a collection, and you can create as many collections as you want. It’s a great way to organize recipes that you want to make, or that your family already loves!  I definitely love being able to group recipes because it simplifies my meal planning a lot!

One benefit that a lot of Yummly users don’t know about is the ability to change serving sizes. Simply click on a recipe and look for the servings box. Change the servings and click the check mark and it will refresh the recipe with the updated servings. Pretty cool!

I have been going through and starting to add recipes to my page for Simplecleanliving.com Just click the link and you’ll find what I’ve added there. I’m going to continue to add recipes as I create or update them!

I have to admit that I am really enjoying using this site. You can find a lot of popular food blogs that are publishers at Yummly and you can search for recipes sites Yummly pages using the search feature as well!

Make sure to check it out!

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