Casseroles Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Shepherd’s Pie

July 15, 2013

This Slow Cooker Shepherd’s Pie (also known as Cottage Pie) is so tasty. I have to say that is one recipe that has been on my favorite comfort foods list for a long time. It is a hearty and satisfying meal and I absolutely love it. I actually already have a recipe for the traditional casserole version. But I wanted to see how well it turned out when fixing…

Casseroles Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole

June 25, 2013

Have you seen our Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole? I was such a fan of that recipe that I converted it and it’s now a slow cooker cheesy ground beef casserole recipe! Woo hoo!! Now it is one of the most popular recipes on my site because people love it so much! I absolutely love this casserole. I’ve fixed the traditional oven-based version for years and made it at…

Casseroles Main Course

Au Gratin Potatoes With Ham

November 18, 2012

I recently bought some uncured ham and have been wanting to find some way to use it that was different. I thought about simply heating it up and fixing some homemade au gratin potatoes with it, but ultimately decided to cut up the ham into cubes and add it to the potatoes to create a casserole and thus Au Gratin Potatoes with Ham was born! It ended up being…

Casseroles Main Course

Chicken Rice and Asparagus Casserole

January 23, 2012
a baking dish with chicken rice and asparagus casserole

I absolutely love fixing recipes that are not only easy and quick to prepare but are delicious and satisfying as well.  And I am particularly fond of casseroles….particularly during the cooler months of the year! This chicken rice and asparagus casserole is simple and delicious too! I don’t really use asparagus much. But I was intrigued by the idea of pairing these ingredients. It is based on an…