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Laughing Helps Release Negative Energy

May 18, 2022

Did you know that laughing is a powerful way to reduce negative energy? That can not only help you feel better but live a better life! Do you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed regularly? We all deal with different levels of stress every day.  And some days are definitely worse than others! But often we don’t know how to manage the energy that we absorb. And so…

Empath Stress

Top 10 Things That Stress Out Empaths

March 1, 2022
Top 10 Things That Stress Out Empaths- Woman Holding her hands up from frustration

Yes, it’s true that being an empath can be a struggle. We just feel energy SO much more deeply than most of the population. They don’t get us, and so we get labeled as being “overly sensitive” or “a drama queen”.  We just experience emotions, both our and those of others, on a level that is overwhelming at times.  Because of this, we spend a good chunk of…

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The Inner Call to Simplify

September 26, 2021
A woman sitting out in nature in the sunshine

There is a lot of fatigue in the world right now. Facing a pandemic with endless unknowns and lots of fear is stressful. And people are facing elevated chronic stress as a result. On top of that people are being over-saturated by information and external stimulation. The human mind was not designed to take in the amount of information that it currently does each day. It was designed…

Natural Health Stress

Why Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

June 13, 2019

So, you find that you aren’t feeling quite as good as you used to. You may have some minor nagging health issues. Perhaps you’ve gained some weight. And you find that you feel overwhelmed and burned out more often. So you make the choice to get healthy. When people make the decision to improve their health, the first thing that they tend to do is to change their…


5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

November 15, 2018
Picture of a woman typing on a laptop with the blog post title "5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life"

This year as we approach the holidays I’ve been thinking about how we used to celebrate each year in the small suburban town that I grew up in. And as I was talking with family about how we celebrated the holidays, we talked about how things were much more simple during that time. And we talked about how much busier and crazier things are now. This showed me…

Natural Health Stress

Top Signs You Are Suffering from Anxiety

November 12, 2018
Picture of an anxious woman with the blog post title "Top Signs You Are Suffering from Anxiety"

Anyone who has struggled with anxiety can tell you that it is a terrifying experience. Imagine experiencing your worst nightmare come true every single day. Those who suffer from anxiety live with fear on a continual basis. It is terrifying and exhausting for those who endure it. Unfortunately, many suffer from anxiety and simply don’t understand why they feel out of sorts, why they are so afraid or…

Natural Health Stress

Deep Breathing for Stress Relief

October 10, 2018
A picture of a woman breathing deeply and the blog post title "Deep Breathing for Stress Relief"

Did you know that when people are stressed or focusing on something, they tend to hold their breath a lot? Yep, it’s true. That means while we are focusing on tasks throughout the day, or dealing with a stressful situation, we are holding our breath a lot during the day. For someone who is stressed out, this can be bad news! Deep breathing can help. If you are…

Natural Health Stress

6 Stress Sources That Are Making People Sick!

April 22, 2018
A picture of a stressed woman with the blog post title "6 Stress Sources that are Making People Sick"

I talk about stress a LOT here on my site. Why? Because as the top contributor to all chronic illnesses, people need to know about common stress sources! At the same time, women rarely include stress management in their everyday routines. Do you? As a woman, you may often feel guilty for taking the time to nurture yourself. Women regularly hear the message that self-care is “selfish”. That…